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Greenwich 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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Quantitative Analysis.—Standards for the composition of ice
cream are contained in the Food Standards (Ice-Cream) Regulations,
Merchandise Marks Act, 1926.—Under the powers conferred
by this Act, Orders in Council have been made prohibiting the sale
or exposure for sale of imported foodstuffs unless bearing an
indication of the country of origin. Ninety inspections were
made to secure compliance with the various Orders but on no
occasion was it found necessary to take action against Vendors.
Blackheath Fair.—At Easter. Whitsun and the August Bank
Holiday, many thousands of Londoners from this and adjacent
Boroughs once again availed themselves of the opportunity
of making a visit to this source of entertainment.
Constant supervision of refreshment stalls, etc., was necessary
to ensure that a safe standard of cleanliness was maintained by the
vendors and to this end a Food Inspector was always in attendance.
In all, some 15 visits were made to the fair during the holiday
Regulation 26 of the Food Hygiene (General) Regulations,
1960, requires inter alia, that each stallholder's name and address
shall be clearly displayed on his stall. In the past it has been
necessary, on occasions, to warn vendors but such action was not
required during the current year.
The observance of hygiene during these holiday periods was
assisted by the provision of a clean water supply and adequate
sanitary accommodation by the London County Council's Parks
Street Traders.—Under the London County Council
(General Powers) Acts, 1947, 1957 and 1958, registration with the
local Council is compulsory for all street traders. During the year
36 applications were made and licences granted to street traders
engaged in the retailing of articles of food. Only certain streets in
the Borough are designated for street trading ; it is not the policy
of the Council to grant licences for such trading in streets other
than those designated.
No contraventions of Regulations 26 to 28 of the Food Hygiene
(General) Regulations, 1960, were observed.
Premises used for the purpose of storing articles of food
intended for sale by street traders, were kept under regular
supervision by the Food Inspectors.
Supervision of Premises Including Factories where
Food is Prepared.—In addition to the more general type of
premises such as restaurants, cafes, bakehouses, fish shops, etc.,
where food is provided, the Borough has numerous other premises