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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Total number of premises registered on December 31st 1960 was 73.
Meat Pickling is invariably done at wholesale and retail butchers
shops, at most of which sausages are also manufactured. There is in
addition one wholesale sausage factory in the Borough, The cooking of
meat offal and pies is done mostly at premises that specialise in that
type of trade, and this also applies to jellied eels. Large quantities
of bacon are smoked at the establishments registered for that purpose
and the smoking of fish is also carried out locally. Two retailers
cook their own supplies of shellfish. One large firm is engaged in
manufacturing and bottling meat extract.
These premises are regularly inspected and in 1960 177 visits
were paid to them.
There has been little variation in the amount of business carried
on in the past five years. The conditions as regard the hygienic
methods employed in the handling of the food have been reasonably
satisfactory, and have been subject to general and continuing improvement.
In 1959 it was however found necessary to cancel the registration
of one sausage manufacturing establishment after the occupier had
failed to take advantage of the opportunity that was offered to him to
remedy the unsatisfactory condition of the premises. In 1960 he
recommenced the manufacture of sausages despite the cancellation and
legal proceedings leading to a conviction were instituted
At the end of 1960 there were 7 underground and 9 other bakehouses
in use in the Borough.
In the 1958 quinquennial survey four certificates of suitability
were refused for underground bakehouses previously in use. On the
other hand 5 new bakehouses on the ground floor level have been
brought into use. The conditions both for hygiene in the preparation
of break and cakes and for the health of those employed have in the
main improved considerably.
Nevertheless it was found necessary to prosecute the occupiers of
an underground bakehouse in 1960 for using the premises when in a very
dirty condition.
The bakehouses have been regularly visited and 70 inspections
were made in 1960.

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