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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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During the last five years a 100% examination of certain imported
beef livers was carried out for aparasitic infection, the Echinococcus
Granulosus, commonly known as "Hydatid Disease", and the result is as
set out below.
Beef Livers examined for Echinococcus Cysts.
6162 bags
13,457 beef
120,066 lbs
5117 cartons
27 cases
Representations by the Council were made to the Ministry of Health
and Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & food, but the position has
not improved as these diseased livers are still being imported into
this country.
During the past five years 977 certificates (239 in 1960), were
issued for the export of meat bacon, sausage casings and meat extract.
and it has been noticed that there has been an increasing demand for
these export certificates.
Due to the opening of more wholesale butchers shops and offal
premises there has been an increase in the amount of meat and offal
which has been condemned for disease and other conditions.
There are no licenced slaughterhouses in the Borough and no
slaughtering has taken place since the war.
The retail butchers shops and stalls have been regularly inspected
with regard to the condition of the meat which appears to be fairly

The following types of business are carried on in premises registered for the manufacture of sausages or potted, pressed,, pickied or preserved foods.

Sausage Manufacturing31
Sausage Smoking1
Meat Pickling39
Offal Cooking5
Cooked meats or pie making4
Ham boiling12
Bacon curing & smoking3
Fish curing3
Shellfish cooking2
Jellied Eels2
Meat Extraction1
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