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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Sausage casing.3
Meat extract factory.1
Public cold stores.6
Chemists shops (retail).18
Manufacturing & wholesale chemists.9
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In addition there are 176 street market stalls dealing in various
N.B. Some premises are enumerated in more than one category
These business concerns have been inspected from time to time.
both formally and informally. The total number of visits paid during
1960 was 3,340 to premises and 2,828 to stalls.
This five year period has seen the gradual implementation of the
Pood Hygiene Regulations 1955 which came into force on 1st January
1956 In the first two or three years emphasis was laid on the rest
aurants and cafe"s in the Borough, and many improvements were as a
result, effected, as well as unsatisfactory conditions eliminated
Shortage of Public Health Inspectors has prevented further systematic
action in regard to other types of premises, but nevertheless some
progress has been made in securing conformity with requirements
The objectionable habit of smoking whilst handling food, unfort
unately is still common and its eradication is proving difficult
In general, I think it may be said that the prevailing standards
of cleanliness in the handling of food, though not as good as those
desired, compare favourably with those in other similar areas, They
are certainly better than they were a few years ago
Samples of various foodstuffs have been taken for bacteriological
examination, but owing to staffing difficulties this has not been
carried out as frequently as might be of advantage particularly has
this been the case in 1960.

However, particular attention was given in this year to the risk of contamination of synthetic cream products The nature of the samples taken in 1960 was:

Meat Products6
Cream cakes21
Dessicated coconut1
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In no case were pathogenic organisms discovered.

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