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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The artificial lighting of staircases in many blocks of flats in
the Borough is on the whole satisfactory.
Bye-laws were made by the Council in 1958 under the London County
Council (General Powers' Act 1956, requiring the adequate artificial
lighting of common staircases in tenement houses and flats.
Action was taken in 1959 under the Bye-laws, however, by way of
service of a notice on the owner of one tenement house, where no
artificial lighting had been provided to the common staircase. Suitable
electric lighting was subsequently installed and the notice complied
with during the early part of 1960
Inspection of properties are made in connection with all applications
to the Council for a certificate of disrepair and for their
cancellation Advice is given when requested in regard to the completion
of the appropriate form

The following is a summary of the action taken during the years 1956-60 and the present position. There was no action taken in 1960, Increase of Rent S Mortgages Interest (Restrictions) Acts.

No. of certificates issued1
No. of certificates revoked1
Housing Repairs & Rents Act 1954.
No. of certificates issued24
No. of certificates revoked8
No. of certificates still in operation16
Rent Act 1957,
Applications for certificates69
Certificates issued34
Certificates still in force23
Certificates cancelled11
Certificates not proceeded with17
Undertakings accepted18
Certificates issued as to remedying of defects»
(a) issued to tenants8
(b) issued to landlords (cancellations)4
(c) Still in force4
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In 1960 there were no applications for certificates, but there
was one application for a cancellation under the 1957 Act, which was
objected to by the tenant and cancellation was not effected.

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