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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Also in 1957 a Public Health Inspector was obstructed in the
exercise of his powers by a shopkeeper refusing permission for him to
undertake the prescribed tests on an oil heater. As a result of a
formal warning to the firm concerned, tests were subsequently carried
out and the heater was found to be satisfactory. No other formal
action has been taken during the 5 year period under review.
Licenses have been granted for catching pigeons in the streets
and open spaces, to two firms, both of which were in force in 1960.
Enquiries have satisfied the Council as to the means employed by those
authorised that they are humane, and that the carcasses unfit for
human consumption are not sold for that purpose In 1957 the Council
employed a firm of Contractors to abate a nuisance caused by pigeons
on certain premises
The Mortuary formerly maintained in the Health Centre for the
reception of the bodies of those dying from infectious disease, and
other emergency cases, was converted in 1957 for the use of the Rodent
Operatives and the storage of their equipment and poisons, as it had
not been used for a very long time. The Corporation of London has
kindly agreed to make available accommodation at their Golden Lane
Mortuary should any emergency arise.
The Council fixed the Ist February 1956, as the appointed day on
which to bring into operation the provisions of the London County
Council (General Powers) Act 1954 requiring the registration of persons
carrying on the business of Hairdresser or Barber, and the registration
of the premises used, and made Bye-laws for the purpose of securing
the cleanliness of registered premises including the instruments,
towels and equipment used therein, and the cleanliness of the persons
employed both in regard to themselves and their clothing In 1960
there were a total of 46 registered premises in the Borough The
general standard of cleanliness of the establishments has been improved
as a result of the inspections carried out, and the action taken in
enforcing the requirements, but there is room for further improvements,
In all 42 visits were made to hairdressers and barbers during 1960.
Disinfection is carried out where infectious disease has occurred,
and on all occasions when requested wherever considered necessary.

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