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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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As might be expected from the general increase in mechanisation
throughout the country and the demolition of much of the older property
in the Borough the number of premises in which power is not used and
where in consequence the Council is responsible for health conditions
other than the satisfactory state of the sanitary accommodation and
the enforcement of the Pood Hygiene Regulations in canteens, has
continued to fall considerably from 106 in 1956 to 71 in 1960 The
number of factories with power has also fallen but proportionally not
to the same extent: from 1,375 in 1956 to 1,321 in 1960 Regular
inspections have been made but in 1959 and 1960 these were less
frequent owing to the depletion of staff. Generally speaking conditions
have been found to be clearly satisfactory. The number of defects
which could be dealt with officially under the Factories Act have been
131 in 1956; 186 in 1957; 175 in 1958 80 in 1959 and 76 in 1960
The smaller number in 1959/60 is probably due to fewer inspections
It must be remembered that many of the defects enumerated are of a
minor or temporary nature such as dirty sanitary accommodation but on
the other hand certain unsatisfactory conditions found have been dealt
with under the Pood Hygiene Regulations or by persuasion.
The official returns for 1960 are as follows:-

The official returns for 1960 are as follows:- INSPECTIONS for purposes of provisions as to health (Inspections made by Public Health Inspectors).

PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber of
Occupiers prosecutedWritten NoticesInspections
(i) Factories in which Sections 1,2,3,4, and 6 are to be enforced by Local Authorities.71258
(ii) Factories not included in (i) in which Section 7 is enforced by the Local Authority1,32140645
(iii) Other premises in which Section 7 is enforced by the Local Authority (excluding out-workers' premises).1410
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