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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The tables of the causes of death for the years 1956 1960 have
been analysed and compared with the causes of death generally through
out the country for the years 1956-1959 (those for 1960 are not yet
available) Owing to the small total number of deaths and the
variations from year to year, over reliance must not be placed on the
significance of any deductions from them especially as they are too
small to allow of comparisons being made of the age of individuals in
relation to particular causes of death.
There were few discernable trends during the five years though
that of slight increase in the deaths from coronary disease and of
slight decrease in the deaths from cancer of the breast may be
mentioned The earlier increase in the number of deaths from cancer
of the lung has not been continued, but the level remains very high in
relation to the total number of death from all causes.
The table appended gives some details as to deaths from certain
causes over the five year period, where these have been either more
frequent or less frequent than in the whole country. Where there has
been little variation from the national rate and where the number of
deaths has been too small for proper comparison, these have been
omitted Syphilis has, however, because the proportion is so much
greater than elsewhere and leukaemia because the deaths from this
cause do not seem to have increased to anything like the same extent.
as they have done in other places, although the total numbers in both
cases are small.

DEATHS 1956-1960

Cause of DeathTotal NumberRate per million Population FinsburyEngland & wales (Approximate)
A Causes with a high proportion in Finsbury:
Tuberculosis – all forms26151100
Cancer of Lung116673400
Bronchitis. Pneumonia & other
respiratory diseases3081,8101,300
B Causes with a low proportion in Flnsbury:
Cancer of stomach42244320
Cancer of Breast22141210
Vascular diseases of central
nervous system1569051,650
Heart Diseases (excluding
coronary disease)2041,1851,900
Circulatory Diseases61354500
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