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Finsbury 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The estimates have shown a slight progressive decline but the
census report for 1961 must be awaited before any definite statement
can be made.
The birth rate has remained about the same as the national rate,
rising slightly with the latter in 1960
The proportion of illegitimate births has risen slightly from
66 to 74 per thousand live births for the period 1956 to 1960 The
figure for 1960 was 70: the national rate has been about 50,
The still birth rate has varied slightly but has been about the
same as that for the country
The death rate has been consistently a little below the national
rate and well below it in 1960,
There was unfortunately a maternal death in 1960 and the rate is
in consequence very high for this year, but there were no maternal
deaths from 1956 to 1959 and the rate for the five year period is
about average.
Again in 1960 the infant mortality rate reached a further low
record of 15.6 well below the national rate of 21.7, The rate has
fallen consistently from 1956 when it was above the national rate.
The neonatal rate has fallen at the same time and has reached the
very low figures of 8 0 in 1959 and 10.9 in 1960 as against tne
national rate of 15,6,
The illegitimate infant mortality rate was however slightly
higher for the five year period, than for the previous quinquennium,
namely 29 as against the previous figure of 27, There were however no
deaths of illegitimate infants in 1960
The causes of infant deaths in 1960 are set out in the table
given Over the five year period nearly half the deaths were on
account of immaturity or associated with, and this remains here as
elsewhere one of the gravest problems in the preservation of infant
life. The other principal causes were congential malformations and
birth injuries. The detailed analysis is little different from that
•for the country as a whole

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