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Finsbury 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Head lice have been dealt with by the usual method of washing
and combing the hair together with the use of Suleo, a preparation
containing D.D.T.
Scabies has been treated by painting the body after a hot bath
with Benzyl Benzoate on the first attendance followed by a further
hot bath on the next day and the application of calamine lotion.
The clothes are not normally disinfected. Scarcely any recurrences
have taken place.
Vermin Scabies Total
Total number of treatments given to
Finsbury cases(other than school
children) 48 11 65
Total number of treatments given to
Shoreditch cases(other than school
children) 8 13 21
Total number of treatments given to
school children(all the school
children treated were not resident
in Finsbury; a proportion being
from adjacent boroughs) 511 68 579
Total number of home visits paid Nil
Prevention of Damage by Pests Act, 1949:
Rodent Control:
For the work of rodent control this Council employs a Rodent
Officer, Assistant Rodent Officer, Foreman and six Rodent
During the year a large number of inspections under this Act
have been carried out and it is pleasing to note that no serious
rat infestation has either been found or reported. Many of the
previously infested business premises have been cleared, but a
large percentage of the occupiers have requested that a continuance
of the service should be given to prevent re-infestation taking
The presence of Rattus rattus(Ship rat) is still found in
parts of the Borough, but there has been a marked reduction in
the numbers and the size of the infestations.