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Finsbury 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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During the year 357 infested premises have been treated and
a further 94 sprayed as a precautionary measure, making the total
of 451 premises dealt with.
The general method of control has been by using 5% D.D.T or
similar insecticide, and where necessary a follow-up treatment
has been given about 14 days later. In serious cases the bedding
has been conveyed to the Health Centre to receive treatment in
the steam disinfector.
Measures have been taken to control vermin when tenants are
moving into this Council's properties. The normal routine has
been for the old accommodation and the effects of the prospective
tenant to be sprayed a few days before removal, and a similar
treatment given to the proposed new accommodation. In cases of a
removal to Post War Estates the Council has an arrangement with
Contractors whereby the furniture and effects are fumigated with
poison gas during transit.
Section 122 of the Public Health(London) Act 1936 enables
the Council, on a report from the Medical Officer of Health, that
any articles in a house in the Borough are in such a verminous
filthy, dangerous or unwholesome condition that health is affected
or endangered thereby, to cause the articles to be cleansed,
disinfected or destroyed.
74 such representations were made during the year 1959
Cleansing of Verminous Persons:
The Borough Council continued the operation of the Bathing
Centre in the Health Centre for the treatment of verminous conditions,
including Scabies. The arrangements whereby school
children were treated on behalf of the London County Council under
the supervision of a nurse appointed by them continued until 2nd
October 1959, when the nurse responsible for this work was withdrawn
by arrangement with the London County Council and the work
undertaken by the staff of the Council. At other times the work
was carried out under the supervision of the nurse appointed by
the Council, who also undertook the Home Visiting when this was
Arrangements were also continued during the year by which
cases were treated on behalf of the Shoreditch Borough Council.
Body lice have been dealt with by means of a hot bath during
which the clothing is steam disinfected and then powdered with