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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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Particular care is taken over the inspection during the
months of November, and in 1937 the amount of poison
remaining untouched was slightly in excess of the previous
total. The poison was laid on the eastern district between
5th-7th November, on the western district between 1st-4th
November, and inspections were made on the eastern district
between 13th-19th November and on the western district
between 9th-11th November.
Of the 300 manholes (approximately) treated, situated in
various streets and courts of the Borough, poison remaining
was approximately 10 per cent. of the total amount laid.
The number of rats frequenting the sewers would appear
to be steadily diminishing. Much remains to be done, however,
before the state of affairs can be considered satisfactory.
During the course of the year many of their breeding places
are destroyed when old drains, which have become unused
or have been replaced, are sealed off. The replacement of old
sewers or repairs to defective brickwork also help to confine
the available places which rats can use.
It is of interest to note that at almost any point found to
be defective, rats are to be found, and in a large number of
cases are responsible for the damage done.
By the express desire of the Council the utmost efforts are
made to assist all residents and occupiers in the Borough who have
difficulty in coping with the rat nuisance by their own efforts, and
every help is given by publicity, advice by leaflets, and by officers
of the Public Health Department, and by the distribution of poison,
to this end.
Canal Boats Acts, 1877 and 1884.
During the year 1937 the total number of boat inspections
was 91. None carried offensive cargo.
The Acts and Regulations were contravened in three instances
and for these complaint notices were sent to the owners requiring
abatement within a specified time. The infringements were in
respect of the following:—
1. Absence of Registration Certificate (2).
2. Roof leaky in after cabin.