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Finsbury 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Finsbury Borough]

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The following are some of the chief points mentioned in the
(i) In certain areas milk is supplied to expectant mothers
only during the last two or three months of pregnancy,
and the supply is limited in every case to one pint per day.
(ii) In other areas milk is supplied only to children up to the
age of 18 months or two years.
(iii) In the interests of the health of the mothers and children
it is not desirable to adopt any such limitations as above
(iv) The Scale of Income adopted by Local Authorities should
be so framed as not to render it difficult for any mothers
to take advantage of the arrangements made ; it is
suggested that it might be found advisable for the
existing scales to be reconsidered.
(v) Wherever possible the Authority should provide "pasteurised"
milk, and that where this is impracticable,
the Medical Officer of Health should approve the source
and quality of the milk supplied.
(vi) It is suggested that Local Authorities should consider
afresh the possibility of providing meals to mothers and
youhg children.
(vii) All possible steps should be taken to ensure that expectant
and nursing mothers and young children receive a sufficient
supply of food containing Vitamin D, the principal foods
containing this being fat, fish, fish livers, egg yolk, milk
and butter. This vitamin can also be provided by the
regular administration of cod liver oil.
The Committee will be aware that the Grants Scheme of the
Finsbury Borough Council is very complete and successful. The
Council make the following grants:—
(1) Milk or Dinners to expectant and nursing mothers.
(2) Milk or Dinners and Milk to toddlers (1-5 years).
(3) Milk (wet or dried) to babies under one year of age.
Expectant and Nursing Mothers.
Milk.—One pint of milk a day is supplied to mothers who
are unable to attend for Dinners ; this is increased to 1½ pints
per day wherever necessary, and the grant is available to expectant