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Bethnal Green 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Bethnal Green Borough]

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with vermin, 8 of the families being eases of head
lice only. In every case advice as to the treatment of
the clothing and bedding was given and disinfestation
by steam was offered. In 13 cases disinfection of some
kind was accepted.
Rooms were disinfested of vermin in 902 cases.
Scabies or Itch.
103 children suffering from this disease were
excluded from the Elementary Schools. In addition,
35 cases of Scabies were reported by the London
Hospital, one each by the Queen's, Bethnal Green,
Mile End and East London Hospitals. In all but
20 of these cases the bedding and clothing were
disinfected. 23 rooms were also fumigated after
Personal Cleansing Station.
The Personal Cleansing Station continues to serve
a useful purpose as part of the Council's scheme for
the destruction of insect pests. The hours of attendance
have been re-arranged so that the baths may
be available for women every afternoon from Monday
to Friday. During the year 61 men, 18 women
and 4 children had 85 baths and their clothing
was disinfected for vermin, and 89 men, 152 women
and 25 young children had treatment, in addition to
baths and disinfection, on a total of 576 occasions,
for Scabies.
By arrangement with the Shoreditch and Stepney
Borough Councils, residents in those boroughs have
been dealt with at the Personal Cleansing Station
during the year as follows :—
Persons Baths
Scabies 166 456
Vermin 1 1
These figures are included in the foregoing figures
of total work done at the Station.