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Fulham 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Fulham Borough]

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The following figures show the number of
deaths from the common diseases classified according
to the organs of the body affected.
Diseases of the organs of circulation caused
623 deaths in 1933 or 32.3 per cent. of the total,
including 512 from heart disease, 2 from aneurysm
and 109 from other circulatory diseases. Including
haemorrhage into the brain, the deaths from
circulatory diseases were 677.
There were 325 deaths in 1933 from diseases
of the respiratory organs, equal to 16.8 per cent.
of the total deaths. This number was made up
as follows:—Pneumonia 111, Tuberculosis of the
lungs, 126, Bronchitis 75, and other respiratory
diseases 13. A large number of deaths from
bronchitis (55.4 per cent.) were in persons over
65 years of age. In the case of deaths from
pneumonia 35.1 per cent. were in persons over 65
years of age and 7.2 per cent. were in children
under one year of age.
An important report on Cancer of the Skin
was published by the Ministry of Health in May,
1933, (Price 2/-) as the result of an inquiry
undertaken at the instance of the Yorkshire
Council of the British Empire Cancer Campaign
under the direction of the Faculty of the General
Infirmarv at Leeds.

Deaths from Cancer in 1933.

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