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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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- 58 -
No case of smallpox has been notified to this Department as having
occurred in the Borough since 1928,, and there have been no deaths from
this disease for over fifty years.
Information was received during the year regarding one contact
who resided in the Borough. He was vaccinated by another authority
before returning home, when it was arranged with his employer for him
to remain indoors for the Last seven days of the surveillance period. He
received a medical check each day and remained perfectly well.
Puerperal Pyrexia means a febrile condition in a woman in whom
a temperature of 100,4.° Fahrenheit (38° Centigrade) or more has occurred
within fourteen days after childbirth or miscarriage.
Nineteen cases were notified during the year and all except one
occurred in hospital. Twelve notifications referred to patients residing
outside the Borough.
Herewith is a brief summary of the actual causes of the above cases:
2 cases were due to genital tract infection, 8 to breast involvement,
4 urinary tract infection, 2 respiratory tract infection, 1 associated
with Caesarean section, and causes not known - 2.
Six cases were brought to the notice of this Department by other
local authorities; these concerned Chelsea residents whose confinements
took place in hospitals in their areas.
Sixty-two cases were notified during the year against 33 in 1959.

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