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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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- 57 -
No notifications were received during the year. Two cases
were confirmed in 1955, being the only cases since 1949. whilst there
have been no deaths for fifteen years.
Immunisation has played a major part towards the present excellent
positions nevertheless it is constantly necessary to publicise the
efficacy of such a service. Details of services provided during the
year will be found on page 18.
During 1960, sixty-nine notifications were submitted as compared
with 62 in 1959, and 111 in 1958.
Fifteen notifications of measles were received during 1960, as
compared with 416 and 217 in 1959 and 1958 respectively.
One notification of poliomyelitis was received, and was of a
paralytic type.
This case concerned an American businessman who had returned to
this country from abroad two weeks previously, and was ill the week
prior to notification, which was at the time thought to be influenza.
Partial paralysis of the left arm developed and the diagnosis of acute
poliomyelitis was confirmed by a neurologist. He was nursed at home and
made a very satisfactory recovery.
Vaccination against poliomyelitis was commenced by the London County
Council in 1956, and was only available to children in certain age groups,
but as the supply of vaccine improved, the Ministry of Health extended
the programme, and it is now available to everyone over the age of six
months,, In view of the decrease in the number of cases since 1956, it is
hoped that every unvaccinated person will make a special effort to avail
themselves of this service. Details of vaccination centres can always be
obtained from this department,, for persons under 4.0 years of age.
Twenty notifications of scarlet fever were received in the Public
Health Department during 1960, as compared with 31 in 1959.

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