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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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- 40-
Registers are maintained of all premises connected, with the
manufacture, storage, and sale of food.
Traders and their staffs are kept well informed of the latest
methods adopted for the hygienic handling, wrapping and delivery
of food, and the great majority are appreciative of such advice.
The following summary gives detais of the type of businesses
receiving the special attention of the Public Health Inspectors:-
Bakehouses 6
Butchers 26
Horse-flesh butcher 1
Food Factories (flour mills, bottling stores,
ice cream factory) 7
Milk Retailers (including dairies) 53
General provision merchants (not selling
milk) 27
Fruit and vegetable retailers 28
Hotels and Public Houses
Restaurants, Dining Rooms, Canteens ) 188
Fried fish premises 3
Wet fish retailers 9
Miscellaneous premises (Bread and cake shops,
sweets and confectionery shops, ice
cream store) 53
As required under Section 16 of the Food and Drugs
Act, 1955, 123 premises are registered for the storage
and sale of Ice Cream, and 30 premises for the sale
of Preserved Food.

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