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Chelsea 1960

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1960

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- 39 -
Since the introduction of the Food Hygiene Regulations, 1955,
considerable progress has been made in structural improvements in
food premises. A large number of food shops and restaurant kitchens
have been completely reconstructed following notices from the Public
Health Inspectors and, in addition, other shopkeepers and restaurant
proprietors have voluntarily modernised their premises and in nearly
all cases have sought and accepted the advice of the Inspectors before
the alterations started.
An increasing number of provision shops are following the modern
trend of self-service, and although this method ensures that almost all
goods are wrapped and the majority displayed under refrigeration, special
attention has now to be paid to the preparation rooms where the foodstuffs
are weighed and packed. This has sometimes meant requests for additional
washing facilities to be provided within or adjacent to the preparation
room so that persons handling unwrapped butter, cheese and cooked meats
can be encouraged to wash after opening tins, packing-cases and cartons.
With the advent of automatic food and milk vending machines and
conversions to self-service stores, the pattern of the food retail
business appears to be changing. During 1960, only two new food shops
and one new restaurant were opened, and it has been noted that small
family businesses continue to close down. In addition the occupiers
of a number of small milk-shops which formerly provided a milk delivery
service have now sold their milk-rounds to the larger combines.
Health and Welfare Provisions
In the past responsibility for enforcement of the section of the abovementioned
Act dealing with the health and comfort of shop workers has been
divided between the London County Council and the local Council, but as from
1st January, 1959, the London County Council's powers and duties in this
respect were transferred to the Metropolitan Boroughs, making them responsible
for the following:
1. Washing facilities
2. Sanitary conveniences
3. Lighting
4. Temperature
5. Facilities for taking meals
Taking into consideration the extensive shopping frontages of Sloane
Street, King's Road and Fulham Road,, these extra duties necessitated a
considerable number of inspections and, in all 339 visits were made and
11 notices served.

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