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Holborn 1925

Report for the year 1925 of the Medical Officer of Health

Hutt, C. W.

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  • Page 7
    STATISTICAL SUMMARY, 1921-2-3-4-5.
  • Page 7
    Vital Statistics, 1925. England and Wales, London and Holborn.
    Annual Rates per 1,000 living.Deaths under 1 year to 1,000 Births.
  • Page 9
    The following table gives the corrected number of births and the corrected birth-rates for the eighteen years 1908-1925:—
    Year.Total Births.Legitimate Births.Illegitimate Births.
    No.Rate per 1,000 of Population.No.Rate per 1,000 of population.Proportion per 1,000 total Registered BirthsNo.Rate per 1,000 of population.Proportion per 1,000 total Registered Births.
  • Page 9
    Of these deaths the following occurred in Public Institutions, etc., within the area of the Borough:—
    St. Giles and Bloomsbury.Holborn.St. Giles and Bloomsbury.Holborn.
  • Page 10
    Corrected Deaths and Death-Rates, 1925, compared with 1924.
    Year.Total Deaths at all ages registered in District.Deaths in Public Institutions in District.Deaths of nonresidents of Borough registered in District.Deaths of residents registered beyond the District.Nett Deaths at all ages.Death Rate for Borough.Death Rate. Registration London.
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    Seasonal Mortality. The mortality in the four quarters of the year is shown below:—
    Deaths.Death-rate per 1,000.London Rate.
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    Infantile Mortality. The number of deaths of children under one year of age, and the number of deaths of children under one year of age per 1,000 corrected births, were the following:—
    Year.Deaths under 1 year of age.Deaths under 1 year per 1000 corrected legitimate Births.Deaths under 1 year per 1000 corrected illegitimate Births.Deaths under 1 year per 1000 corrected Births.London.
    Deaths under 1 year per 1000 Births.
  • Page 11
    Death-rate per 1,000 corrected births in 1925 and in ten preceding years during which details respecting births have been supplied.
    1915191619171918191919201921192219231924Av'ge, 1915-241925
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    The corrections considerably modify the Holborn rates as will be seen from the following figures:—
    Year 1925.Infantile Death-rate in Holborn per 1,0~0 Births
    Registrar-General's Quarterly ReportCorrected
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    The Clerk to the Guardians of the Holborn Union has kindly supplied me with the following information relating to persons from the Holborn Division of the Union who received Poor Law Relief during the year 1925:—
  • Page 13
    Sanitary Inspectors' and Health Visitors' Work, Year 1925.
    Mr. BennettMr. ClarkMr. LarardMiss Charles-worthMiss ShinnieTotal
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    Mr. BennettMr. ClarkMr. LarardMiss Charles, worthMiss ShinnieTotal
  • Page 15
    The total number of notices served for nuisances found in dwelling houses and factories, workshops and workplaces, and premises subject to various By-laws, was 1,481, viz.:—
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    The following table shows the work done to abate nuisances for which intimation notices wore served:—
    Water Supply—Houses.Factories, Workshops and Workplaces
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    Houses.Factories, Workshops and Workplaces.
  • Page 16
    The following table shows the nuisances for which the 94 Statutory Notices were issued under the Public Health (London) Act, 1891.
    Houses.Factories, Workshops and Workplaces.
  • Page 17
    Rats and Mice (Destruction) Act, 1919.
    WARD.Number of premises inspected.Number rat infested.Action for Rat Repression.RESULT.
    Traps.Poisons.Rat catchers.Dogs.Cats.Proofing;
  • Page 20
    It was necessary to serve the following notices for the abatement of sanitary nuisances in factories, workshops and workplaces.
    Intimation Notices.Statutory Notices.
  • Page 21
    No less than 175 different industries are carried on in these workshops, among the principal being the following:—
    No. of Workshops Employing
    Men only.Women only.Both Sexes.Total.
  • Page 21
    The more important industries carried on in these factories are:—
  • Page 25
    The following table refers to the six samples examined as mentioned above:—
    Date sample taken.Nature of Shop where purchased.No. of Organisms per cc. grown at 37° C for 24 hours.Minimal volume containing Bacillus Coli.
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    During the year 1925 licences available up to the 31st December, 1925, for the sale of designated milk in the Borough were issued as follows:—
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    Up to the date of preparation of this report licences for the year 1926 have been issued as follows:—
  • Page 27
    Since the Order came into operation in 1923 licences for the sale of designated milk have been issued in the Borough as shown in the following table:—
    Designation.Number of licences issued.
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    The following table gives particulars of the milk fat and milk solids found in the ten samples:—
    Milk fat per cent.Milk solids (including fat) per cent.
  • Page 30
    Ice cream is manufactured in the Italian colony as follows:—
  • Page 31
    In addition ice cream was also manufactured on the following premises:—
    Mr. Bennett's District.Mr. Clark's District.Mr. Larard's District.
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    The following summary shows the number of butchers' shops and meat stalls in the Borough, and the number of other shops where meat is sold:—
  • Page 34
    The number of such places on the register at the end of the year was as follows:—
  • Page 36
    Unsound Food. The following unsound food was condemned during the year 1925:—
    Commodity.Quantity.Condition.Result of Action taken.
  • Page 43
    The various cheeses on sale in the Borough include the following; the order approximates to the frequency with which they are seen exposed for sale:—
  • Page 43
    The following table gives particulars of a number of samples of cheese recently purchased in the Borough and examined by Mr. J. Kear Colwell, F.I.C., the Public Analyst.
    Kind of Cheese.Weight of Sample.Price paid for Sample.Description of shop where Sample purchased.Content of Sample.
  • Page 45
    The following is the report of the bacteriological examination of the samples submitted from this Borough:— Technique. Short Method. Eyre.
    No. of Mussels.MacConkey's Bile Salt Broth for presumptive B. Coli.Litmus Milk for presumptive B. Welchii.Glucose Formation Broth for Streptococci.
  • Page 46
    lc.c. of the liquor—1/10 of a mussel was then diluted as follows in fractions of a mussel and lc.c. of each dilution added to McConkey Bile Salt Lactose Broth and incubated for 24 hours at 37°C.
  • Page 47
    Milk. The following table shows the fat content of the 199 samples of milk:—
    Percentage of Fat.Number of Samples.
  • Page 48
    The following table shows the average composition of milk samples purchased during each month of 1925.
    Number of Samples examined.Total Solids, per cent. average.Solids Non-fat. Per cent. average.Fat. Per cent. average.
  • Page 49
    The following table shows the result of the examination of the six pairs of samples and it will be seen that no marked difference was discovered even where no plungers were fitted.
    Top Milk.Bottom Milk.
    Fat.Non-Fatty Solids.Fat.Non-Fatty Solids.
  • Page 49
    Formal Samples.
    ARTICLE.Purchased.Genuine.Adulterated.Proceedings taken.Convictions.Fines and Costs.
  • Page 50
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    ARTICLE.Purchased.Genuine.Adulterated.Proceedings taken.Convictions.Fines and Costs.
  • Page 50
    Informal Samples.
    ARTICLE.Purchased.Genuine.Adulterated.Proceedings taken.Convictions.Fines and Costs.
  • Page 51
    ENGLAND AND WALES. Common Infectious Diseases. Deaths at all Ages.
    1915.1916.1917.1918.1919.1920.1921.1922.1923.1924.Yearly average 1915-1924.
  • Page 53
    The following table kindly supplied by the Vaccination Officer of the Holborn Union on 12th April, 1926, gives information respecting vaccination in the Borough of Holborn:—
    Total Number of BirthsVaccinatedDied before VaccinationCons. ObjectorsInsusceptiblePostponed by Medical CertificateRemoved. No information as to VaccinationTemporarily unaccounted for
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    Diphtheria. Seventy-six notifications of diphtheria relating to residents in the Borough were received during the year at the following ages:—
  • Page 55
    Diphtheria Contacts. Bacteriological Examination of Nose and Tiikoat Swabs. Total Contacts swabbed 52 Negative 45 Positive 7 (13 per cent.)
    Contacts swabbed.Positive Results.Contacts positive.
    Nose and Throat.Nose only.Throat only.
  • Page 56
    TABLE I. HOLBORN MUNICIPAL INFANT WELFARE CENTRE, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925. Ages of Persons Schick-Tested with Result of Test.
    Ages.0 to 12 months1 to 2 years2 to 3 years3 to 4 years4 to 5 years5 to 6 years6 to 7 years7 to 8 years8 to 9 years9 to 10 years10 to 11 years11 to 12 years12 to 13 years13 to 14 years14 to 15 years15 and above years
  • Page 56
    TABLE II. Ages of Persons Immunised.
    Age.6 to 12 months1 to 2 years2 to 3 years3 to 4 years4 to 6 years5 to 6 years6 to 7 years7 to 8 years8 to 9 years9 to 10 years10 to 11 years11 to 12 years12 to 13 years13 to 14 years14 to 15 years15 and above years
  • Page 57
    table iii. HOLBORN MUNICIPAL INFANT WELFARE CENTRE. Schick Test and Diphtheria Immunisation. Four years, 1922-23-24-25.
    Total Tested.Result op Test.Immunisation of Positives.
    Negative.Positive.Not read.Found NEGATIVE to Re Schick Test afterFound NEGATIVE to Re Schick Test afterFound POSITIVE to Re Schick Test after 3 ccm T.A.T.Not yet read after Re Schicking.Total Re Schick TestedGiven 3 ccm T.A.T. Not Retested.Failed to complete 3 inoculatns.Inoculatns. not begun.Inoculatns. still in progress.Given 1 ccm not yet Re-tested.
    1 ccm T.A.T.2 ccm T.A.T.3 ccm T.A.T.4 ccm T.A.T.5 ccm T.A.T.6 ccm T.A.T.Given further inoculation but not yet Retested.No further inoculation given.
  • Page 58
    No. of children in family.No of families.Of which the members are-
    All Schick positive.All Schick negative.One or more elders negative, younger positive.One or more elders positive, younger negative.
  • Page 59
    TABLE V. Results of 342 re-Schick Tests up to 31s/ December, 1925.
    Re-Schick tested after an interval of years or fraction of years.Number retested after this interval.No. found positive.Age in years and sex of positives when first tested.Negative to 2nd re Schick test and total of T A.T. given in all.
  • Page 60
    TABLE VI. Batches of Toxin Antitoxin and Toxoid Antitoxin Compared.
    Designation of batch of toxin antitoxin mixture or toxoid antitoxin mixture.No. of persons inoculated and retested.No. of these persons found positive on retesting.
  • Page 63
    The following table gives information up to the end of 1925 respecting the ten real cases of encephalitis lethargica notified in the Borough since the Public Health (Encephalitis Lethargica) Regulations came into force on the 1st January, 1919:—
    Date of Notification.Pa'ient.A^e when notified.Subsequent History.
  • Page 64
    The following table gives particulars of these cases with the condition at the end of 1925:—
    Date of Notification.Patient.Age at date of Notification.Where Treated.Subsequent History.
  • Page 65
    In the majority of cases the disease was not ascribed to any special cause, but the following was given in 11 instances:—
  • Page 65
    Pneumonia—5 years, 1921-5. During the five years, 225 cases of primary pneumonia were notified as occurring in the Borough at the following ages:—
  • Page 65
    Of the above, 122 were removed to hospital or other institution for treatment, viz:—
  • Page 65
    The following further particulars were ascertained as a result of enquiries in the above cases:—
  • Page 65
    Economic circumstances of families:—
  • Page 66
    In most cases the onset of the disease was not ascribed to any special cause but the following were given in 44 cases:—
  • Page 66
    Bacteriological Work. The following table gives details of the examinations made during the year:—
    DiphtheriaEnteric FeverConsumptionOther Diseases
  • Page 67
    The following table summarises the disinfections carried out in the last five years—1921-2-3-4-5:—
    Year.Routine disinfection after infectious disease in Ho: born.Articles disinfected after infectious disease in Finsbury. *Articles disinfected at request of traders and others.Disinfections Rooms after Tuberculosis.Articles Disinfected for Vermin (Cleansing of Persons Act.)
  • Page 68
    Tuberculosis. Summary of Notifications and Deaths. Five years, 1921-25.
    Pulmonary.Non-pulmonary.Total.Pulmonary.Death-rate per 1,000.
  • Page 69
    Continued from previous page...
    Age periods.New Cases.Deaths.
    Pulmonary.N on-pulmonary.Pulmonary.Non-pulmonary.
  • Page 70
    Public Health (Tuberculosis) Regulations, 1912. Summary of Notifications during the period from the 4th January, 1925, to the 2nd January, 1926, in the Metropolitan Borough of Holborn.
    Age-periods.Notifications on Form A.Notifications oil Form B,N umber of Notifications on Form C.
    Number of Primary Notifications.Total Notifications on Form A.Number of Primary Notifications.Total Notifications on Form B.Poor Law InstitutionsSanatoria.
    0 to 1.1 to 5.5 to 10.10 to 15.15 to 20.20 to 25.25 to 35.35 to 45.45 to 55.55 to 65.65 and upwards.Total Primary Notifications.Under 5.5 to 10.10 to 15.Total Primary Notifications.
  • Page 70
    Supplemental Return. New cases of Tuberculosis coming to the knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health during the period from the 4th January, 1925, to the 2nd January, 1926, otherwise than by notification on Form A or Form B under the Public Health (Tuberculosis) Regulations, 1912.
    Age-periods.0 to 11 to 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2020 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 5555 to 6565 and upwards.Total Cases.
  • Page 71
    Correction of Tuberculosis Register during the year 1925.
  • Page 71
    Removed from the Register during the same period for following reasons:—
  • Page 71
    The following is a summary of the information in the 64 cases above referred to:—
    Patient slept in—
  • Page 72
    Continued from previous page...
  • Page 72
    Classification of Homes. The classification of homes as suggested by the London County Council has been reported on as far as practicable with the following results:—
  • Page 72
    The following summary gives the position at the end of 1925 of the 89 new cases respecting which information was received during the year:—
  • Page 73
    The following indicates the reasons for non-attendance in the remaining cases:—
  • Page 73
    The 82 admissions were to the following institutions:—
  • Page 75
    Showing the number of Patients who died in their own homes and the number who died away from home in Hospitals or other Institutions.
    0-1-5-10-15-20-25-35-45-55-60-All Ages.
  • Page 75
    Number of Patients examined for the first time in 1925:—
    Insured.Non-Insured.Children under 15.
  • Page 75
    Analysis of 197 New Patients in 1925.
    Patients examined.Found to be suffering from Tuberculosis.Not suffering from TuberculosisCeased attendance before completion of diagnosis.Under observation at Dispensary 31st Dec. pending diagnosis.
  • Page 76
    Attendances and Examinations at the Dispensary in 1925:-
  • Page 77
    Tuberculosis Care Covimittee. The Holborn Tuberculosis Care Committee constituted by the scheme prepared in the year 1922 took over the work of the Interim Care Committee on the 1st April, 1923. The Committee includes the following representation:—
  • Page 81
    The Secretary of the Hospital has kindly supplied the following information of the work at the Clinic during the year 1925:— Summary of Work carried out at Dental Clinic, 10, John Street, Holborn, on Tuesday Evenings, during 1925.
  • Page 81
    Cancer. Deaths and Death Bates. Five years, 1921.25:—
    Year.Number of Deaths.Death.rate per 1,000.
  • Page 82
    From the 295 notifications of birth forms from doctors or midwives, we are able to give the following information as to by whom the mothers were attended at the confinement, etc.:—
  • Page 82
    An analysis has been made of the birth cards to ascertain where the mothers living in crowded houses were confined. The information obtained is given below
    Living inConfined at Home.In Hospital.
    No.Percentage of Total Births.No.Percentage of Total Births.
  • Page 83
    Home Visiting. The visits paid to the homes by the Health Visitors during the year were as follows:—
    First Visits.Revisits.Total.
  • Page 84
    The following table shows the numbers of infants whose births were notified in the years, 1922, 1923, 1924 and 1925, who, on being visited, were found to be attending Infant Welfare Centres:—
  • Page 84
    The following is an analysis of the attendance at the Municipal Centre, 10, John Street:—
    Medical Consultation (alternate weeks) 2—5.30 p.m.Ante.natal and Postnatal cases only (alternate weeks) 2—5.30 p.m.Children and Mothers seen at Antenatal ConsultationMedical Consultation 2—5.30 p.m.Class 3—5.30 p.m.Dentist. 2—1 p.m.Medical Consultation 2—5.30 p.m.
  • Page 85
    Attendances at Municipal Centre, 10, John Street, four years, 1922.3.4.5:—
    Medical consultations (alternate weeks )Ante-natal and Post-natal (alternate weeks.)Children & Mothers seen at Ante-natal Clinic.Medical consultations.Class.Dentist.Medical consultations.
  • Page 87
    Five of the ante.natal cases were expectant mothers for the first time; a number of the expectant mothers were found to have defects either due to or especially of concern in view of their pregnancy, the number and kind of defect present being as follows:—
  • Page 88
    Ante-natal Hygiene.
    19211922192319241925Total 1921.25
  • Page 89
    Maternal and Infant Consultations. The following summary refers to maternal and infant consultations at 10, John Street and the Mary Ward Centres during the five years 1921.25 inclusive:—
    Reasons for Attendance.John Street.Mary Ward.
    192119221923192419 519211922192319241925
  • Page 90
    Referred toMothers.Children.Total.
  • Page 90
    The following summary gives particulars of mothers referred for breast massage since 1923 when the arrangement came into operation:—
    192319241925Total 3 Years.
  • Page 90
    Diarrhoea. During the year the cases of diarrhoea occurring in children attending 10. John Street, were as follows:—
  • Page 91
    Stillbirths, 1921-1925
    Reason.19211922192319241925Total.Occurrence of Birth.19211922192319241925Total 4 years
  • Page 92
    Illegitimate Births. The following table gives a summary of the information obtained as a result of enquiries respecting the circumstances of illegitimate babies in the five years 1921-25:
  • Page 93
    The following is a summary of attendances, etc., at the dental clinic during the five years, 1921.25:—
  • Page 94
    The following table shows new cases assisted in 1925:—
    Milk.Prepared Milk.
    Free.Part Cost.Free.Part Cost.
  • Page 94
    The following table shows the cases assisted in the five years 1021-25:—
    Year.Milk.Other Food.Prepared Milk.
    Free.Part Cost.Free.Part Cost.Free.Part Cost.
    Expectant Mothers.Nursing Mothers.Children.Expectant Mothers.Nursing Mothers.Children.Expectant Mothers.Nursing Mothers.Children.;Expectant Mothers.Nursing Mothers.Children.Children.Children.
  • Page 97
    Deaths of Infants under One Year of Age, 1025. The homes were visited in a large proportion of the infant deaths, and any requisite information obtained, and when required, suitably advice given. The cause and age of death are given in the following Table:—
    Cause of DeathUnder 1 Week1.2 Weeks2.3 Weeks3.4 WeeksTotal under 4 Weeks4 Weeks and under 3 Months3.G MonthsG.9 Months9.12 MonthsTotal under 1 Year
    MFMFMFMFMFBoth sexesMFMFMFMFMFBoth sexes
  • Page 97
    Net births registered during the calendar year.Net deaths registered during the calendar year.
    MalesFemalesBoth sexesMalesFemalesBoth sexes
  • Page 98
    Deaths of Children 1 to 5 Years, 1925. Eighteen children between the ages 1 to 5 years died from the following causes:—
    Cause of Death.Ages.Total. 1.5
    M.F.M.F.M.F.M.F.M.F.Both Sexes.
  • Page 99
    Nine Cases Notified in Accordance with the Public Health (Ophthalmia Neonatorum) Regulations, 1914.
    Case Number.Age when Notified.Age at Onset.By whom Notified.Type of Disease on Health Visitor's first visit.Where Treated.Medical Attendance and Nursing.Result.Birth Notified byremarks.
  • Page 100
    Two Cases not Notified in accordance with the Public Health (Ophthalmia Neonatorum) Regulations, 1914.
    Case Number.Age when Information received.Age at Onset.Information.Type of Disease on Health Visitor's first visit.Where treated.Medical Attendance and Nursing.Result.Confinement attended by.Remarks.
  • Page 101
    During the five years 1921.25, information of cases of ophthalmia neona torum was received as follows:—
    Year.Notified in accordance with Regulations.Not notified.Total.
  • Page 102
    Contacts. (152 enquiries.) Fifty-nine had no contacts; 93 had contacts. The number of contacts was 280, of whom 134 were susceptible, 146 already having suffered from an attack.
  • Page 102
    Disinfection of premises is carried out in connection with whooping cough. The following table relates to whooping cough in the Borough in the five years 1921.25.
    YearNumber of persons known to be sufferingNumber of families affectcdNumber cf patients under 5 years of ageNumber removed to hospital
  • Page 103
    Twenty-six had contacts. The number of contacts was 84, of whom 56 were susceptible, 28 having already suffered from an attack.
  • Page 104
    Contacts. The number of contacts was 183 of whom 109 were susceptible, 74 having already suffered from an attack; 35 had no contacts.
  • Page 105
    Their services were used as follows:—
  • Page 105
    During the five years, 1921-25, the facilities for nursing provided by the Council have been used as follows:—
    Year.Whooping Cough.Measles.Ophthalmia Neonatorum,Influenza.PneumoniaDeficient Lactation,Tuberculosis.
  • Page 110
    Medical Routine Examination of Elementary School Children in Holborn in 1925. The County Medical Officer of Health has kindly furnished me with particulars of medical inspections of school children in Holborn in 1925. They are classified in the following tables:—
    Age, Group.Number examined.Clothing and Boots.Nutrition.Cleanliness of Head.Cleanliness of Body.Teeth.Vision.
    Good.Fair.Poor.Good.Average.Below normal.Bad.Clean.Nits.Pediculi.Clean.Dirty.Pediculi.All sound.Less than four decayed.Four or more decayed.6/6 in both eyes.6 9 in either or both eyes.6/12 or worse in either eye.
  • Page 111
    Defects Found At Medical Routine Examination of Elementary School Children in Holborn in 1925.
    EntrantsAge 8Age 12Age 14EntrantsAge 8Age 12Age 14
  • Page 112
    Deaths of Children 5.15 years, 1925.
    567891011121314MFBoth Sexes.
  • Page 116
    HOUSING CONDITIONS. Statistics. Year Ended 31st December, 1925. 1.—GENERAL.
  • Page 116
  • Page 117
  • Page 117
    3.—UNHEALTHY AREAS. Areas represented to the Local Authority with a view to Improvement Schemes under (a) Part I., or (b) Part II., of the Act of 1890:—
  • Page 118
    APPENDIX. TABLE I. Vital Statistics of Whole District during 1925 and Ten Previous Years.
    YearPopulation estimated to Middle of each Year.Uncorrected NumberBirths.Total Deaths Registered in the DistrictTransferable DeathsNet Deaths belonging to the District.
    Under 1 Year of AgeAtall Ages
    NetNumberRateof Non residents registered in the Districtof Residents not registered in the DistrictNumberRate per 1,000 BirthsNumberRate
  • Page 119
    TABLE II. Causes of, and Ages at, Death, 1925.
    Causes or Death.NET DEATHS AT THE SUBJOINED AGES OF "RESIDENTS," whether occurring within or without the District.Total Deaths whether of "Residents" or "Non-Residents" in Institutions in the District.
    All Ages.Under 1 year.1 and under 2 years.2 and under 5 years.5 and under 15 years.15 and under 25 years.25 and under 45 years.45 and under 65 years.65 and under 75 years.75 and upwards.
  • Page 120
    TABLE III. Cases of Infectious Disease notified during the year 1925.
    Notifiable Disease.Number of Cases Notified• Total Cases Notified in each Locality (e.g, Parish or Ward) of the District.Total Cases Removed to Hospitals.
    At all Ages.At Ages—Years.
    St. Giles and Bloomsbury.Holborn.
    Under 11 to 65 to 1516 to 2525 to 4545 to 6565 and upwards.
  • Page 121
    TABLE IV. Infectious Diseases in Holborn for the last Eleven Years.
    Decennial Average, 1915-1924Year 1925Decennial Average, 1915-1924Year 1925
    NumberRate per 1,000London RateNumberRate per 1,000London RateNumberRate per 1,000London RateNumberRate per 1,000London Rate
  • Page 122
    PREMISES.Number on Register at end of 1925.Number of Inspections.Number of Prosecutions.
  • Page 122
    Smoke Nuisances—
  • Page 122
    Sanitary Officers—
  • Page 123
    TABLE VI. Factories, Workshops, Laundries, Workplaces and Homework 1.—INSPECTION. Including Inspections made by Sanitary Inspectors.
  • Page 123
    Particulars.Number of Defects.Number of Prosecutions.
    Found.Remedied.Referred to H.M. Inspector.
  • Page 124
    TABLE VI.—continued. 3.—HOME WORK.
    NATURE OF WORK.Outworkers' Lists, Section 107.Outwork in Unwholesome Premises, Section 108.Outwork in Infected Premises, Sections 109, 110.
    Lists received from Employers.Notices served on occupiers as to keeping or sending lists.Prosecutions.
    Sending twice in the year.Sending once in the year.Failing to keep or permit inspection of lists.Failing to send lists.Instances.Notices servedProsecutions.Instances.Orders made (S. 110).Prosecutions (Sections 109, 110)
  • Page 125
    Workshops on the Register (s. 131) at the end of the year. (1)Number. (2)
  • Page 125
    Class. (1)Number. (2)
  • Page 126
  • Page 126