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Holborn 1921

Report for the year 1921 of the Medical Officer of Health

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Other defects present were pulmonary tuberculosis 1; heart disease 2;
anœemia 8; respiratory diseases 2; constipation 8; dental caries 22; other
defects 3. Eleven expectant mothers were referred to Maternity Hospitals for
confinement (five normal, six abnormal); twenty to the Dental Clinic for treatment;
three with other complaints to other hospitals.
The time of holding the Clinic has now been altered to Tuesday afternoons
(alternately) in order to suit the convenience of the mothers.
Infant Consultations.

Details as regards the work at the Infant Consultations at 10, John Street during the second half of the year are as follows:—

Reason for AttendanceNo. attending.
Difficulty with breast feeding70
Congenital syphilis3
Alimentary disorders154
Respiratory diseases83
Hernia, umbilical23
,, inguinal3
Disease of eye6
,, ear12
„ nose and throat16
Attendances 1,474
Number referred to Clinic Dentist49554
„ „ „ Hospitals114247
„ „ ,, Metropolitan Nursing Association26
Assisted Milk Supply51
Advised Convalescent Home Treatment29736
Accepted „ „ „6612
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Dental Treatment.
A number of nursing and expectant mothers and young children were
treated at the Council's Dental Clinic held at 10, John Street. The number of
new patients during the year was 69, viz., 44 women and 25 children; the number
of attendances 351.

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