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Plumstead 1897

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health, 1897

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Plumstead and 24 in East. 71 infants died of premature birth
and low vitality, compared with 77 last year; 8 were in West
and 63 in East Plumstead.
12 deaths were due to alcoholism, or to cirrhosis of the liver
which is usually caused by alcoholism.
But there is no doubt that, directly and indirectly, undue indulgence
in alcohol is responsible for a vastly greater number of
deaths, which are attributed to heart disease, bronchitis and
pneumonia, diseases of the kidney, phthisis, &c.
12 cases of Rheumatic Fever and 5 cases of sub-acute
Rheumatism (17 in all) were nursed by the District Nursing
Association ; 9 were in West Plumstead and 8 in East.
There was one death only, occurring in East Plumstead. In
1896, 15 cases of Rheumatism were nursed, and 4 died.
West and East Plumstead compared.

12. Table D gives the vital statistics for West and East Plumstead, respectively, during the year.

Population—Census, 18911586736566
,, Census, 18961671442538
,, Estimated to middle of 18971693344178
No. of persons to a house5.76.33
Deaths under 1 year per 1000 births106119
Zymotic death-rate2.02.3
Phthisis death-rate1.61.5

East Plumstead compares more favourably with West than
was the case last year.