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Plumstead 1897

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health, 1897

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Uncertified Deaths.
9. There were 11 uncertified deaths, giving a rate of 1.3
per cent. of total deaths, 3 were under and 8 over five years of
of age. This shews a great improvement compared with the
last two years, when the rates were 3.0 and 2.9 respectively.
10. There were 35 Inquests, compared with 43 and 39 in
1895 and 1896 respectively, 9 were on persons under and 16 on
persons over five years of age.
Five persons committed suicide ; two men, aged 50 and 52,
by hanging; man, aged 26, by shooting while drunk; man,
aged 24, by drowning; aud a girl, aged 16, by swallowing
carbolic acid.
Three women were burnt to death by lamps upset. A child
of 7 died from scalds through upsetting a kettle. Two children
were suffocated in bed, and an infant of two months died from
convulsions caused by improper feeding. Two men died by
falls from vehicles, a boy by a fall from a horse, another boy
by a fall from a bicycle. A child, aged 2, fractured its skull
and died by a fall. One man was crushed in the Arsenal by
timber, and another struck by a crane at a wharf. One man
was run over by a train. Two men were found drowned in the
Thames. A child, aged 3, died from ulceration of the head and
neck caused by vermin. One man died from alcoholism. The
remainder were from natural causes.
Other Causes of Death.
11. There were 36 deaths from cancer, compared with 33,
31, and 39 in the three preceding years; 12 were in West