London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Plumstead 1897

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health, 1897

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TABLE X.— Continued.

6th HayNuisanceBarnfield RoadWork done,3/-costs
6th MayNuisance5 Ditto„ „
6th MayDefective Yard Paving1 to 5 Ditto„ „
3rd JuneUnsuitable Water Supply Apparatus55, Eglinton Road„ 2/- costs
3rd JuneNuisance16, Brookhill Road„ 3/- costs
3rd JuneNuisance157, Eglinton Road„ „
3rd JuneNuisance35, Westdale Road„ „
2nd JulyNuisance22, Conway Road„ „
2nd JulyNuisance26, Conway Road„ „
2nd JulyNuisance6, Station Road„ „
2nd JulyNuisance26, Reidhaven Road„ „
2nd JulyNuisance23, Reidhaven Road„ „
2nd JulyNuisance30, Reidhaven Road„ „
2nd JulyDwelling house without proper and sufficient water supplyWhite Cottage, Bostal WoodClosingOrder made by consent of defendant
8th Oct.Nuisance30, Liffler RoadWork done,3/- costs
8th Oct.Nuisance68a, Whitworth Rd.„ „
8th OctNuisance62, Whitworth Road„ „
8th Oct.Nuisance61b, Vicarage Road„ „
29th Oct.Nuisance9, Tewson Road„ „
9th Dec.Defective apparatus to w.c. cistern135, Tewson Road„ 2/- costs