London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Plumstead 1897

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health, 1897

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Prosecutions under Public Health Act (London).

8th Jan.Nuisance131, Tewson Road3/- costs paid
8th Jan.Nuisance24, Vicarage ParkOrder for 13/- costs
8th Jan.Nuisance25, Vicarage Park3/- costs,work done
8th Jan.Nuisance26, Vicarage Park3/- costs,work done
8th Jan. 8th Jan.Nuisance (Dungpit) Non-provision of AshpitStable, rear of 73, Plumstead Road 88, Crescent RoadWork to be done in 14 days & 6/- costs Supplied, 2/- costs
5th Feb.Defective Yard Paving26, Bloomfield RoadWork done,3/-costs
15th Jan.Obstructing Officer by refusing entryHouse near Goldie Leigh Lodge, BostalFine 20/- and 2/-costs
5th FebKeeping Swine in place unfit5, Garland StreetPigs removed, 3/-costs
5th Feb.Keeping Swine in place unfit6, Garland StreetSummons withdrawn
5th Feb.Keeping Swine in place unfit14, Garland Streei„ 3/- costs
5th Feb.Keeping Swine in place unfit6, Timbercroft Lane„ 3/- costs
5th Feb.Non-compliance with Nuisance Order31, Maxey RoadWork done,2/-costs
19th Mar.Overcrowding16, Abbey GroveAbated, summons withdrawn
2nd AprilNuisancesHouse at Old Park, BostalWork done, 25/- costs
2nd AprilNo water supply to w.c.Ditto
2nd AprilNuisances70, Raglan RoadWork to be done, 3/- costs
6th MayNuisance21, Westdale RoadWork done „
6th MayNuisance19, Westdale Road„ „
6th MayNuisance17, Westdale Road„ „
6th MayNuisance12, Westdale Road„ „
6th MayNuisance10, Westdale Road„ „
6th MayNuisance3, Stevens' Cottages,„ „