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Plumstead 1897

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health, 1897

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Summary of Nuisances abated, Notices served, and General Work of the Sanitary Department for 12 months ended 31st December, 1897:—

PREMISES INSPECTED.From 1st Sep. to 31st Dec.East District Inspector.Central District Inspector.Chief Inspector.Totla
West District Inspector.
No. of Houses inspected, House to house330831921..2082
„ Re-inspections, after service of notices5501850198013405720
„ Houses and premises specially inspected, including infectious diseases and complaints19446852411562342
„ New buildings, re water certificates......206206
„ Houses where drains have been tested by smoke test29665345193
Waste pipes from baths, lavatories, and wash-house sinks, repaired or disconnected..857625186
Choked and defective drains95219136135585
Defective traps14839128216
Defective and unventilated soil pipes9974220168
Combined drains examined and referred to Works Department......3939
No. of houses affected by the defective com bined drains W.C.'s......152152
W.C.'s repaired, new traps or pans provided, fittings repaired5821520664543
Water supply apparatus repaired2220313568428
Interiors cleansed, repaired, and defective roofs repaired10415026642562
Damp walls remedied2417522322444
Paving in yards and wash-houses repaired7616514328412
Through ventilation provided..1414432
Wash-houses without sinks and outlets for waste water..206531
Defective guttering and rain-water pipes3720811439398
Dustbins supplied1143853532401092
Dung pits provided..62412