London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Plumstead 1897

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health, 1897

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Abstract from Mortuary Register for 1897.

Date.Age.Sex.Inquest or no.Post Mortem or no.Cause of Death.
Jan. 1st2 monthsMaleYesYesConvulsions.
„ 4th7MaleYesYesCongestion of lungs.
6 th37 yearsMaleYesNoAccidental death.
20 th46MaleYesNoSuicide during temporary insanity.
„ 23rd49 „MaleNoNoNatural causes.
„ 25 th74 „FemaleYesYesHaemorrhage into left side of brain.
Feb. 7th21 „MaleYesNoFound drowned.
„ 17th61MaleYesYesAortic disease and pneumonia
April 20th47 „MaleYesYesHeart disease.
.. 27th37 „MaleYesNoAccidental death.
„ 28th20 „MaleYesYesSyncope ; Valvular disease of heart; Congestion uf lungs
28th1 monthFemaleYesYesSuffocation.
May 8th35 yearsMaleYesYesHeart disease.
„ 31st11 monthsFemaleYesYesConvulsions.
June 13 thnot knownnotknownYesYes
25 th67 yearsFemaleNoNoNatural causes.
July 14th44 „MaleYesNoAccidental death.
„ 17th50 „FemaleNoNoNatural causes.
„ 19th18 „FemaleYesYesPuerperal Eclampsia.
Aug. 5th5„FemaleYesYesFracture of skull.
„ 24thMaleNoNo
Sept. 17 th40 yearsMaleNoNoHeart disease.
Oct. 26th33 „FemaleYesYesNatural causes.
„ 27 thFemaleYesYesNatural causes.
Nov. 19th39 yearsMaleNoNoConsumption.
„ 29th32 „FemaleYesYesAbscess on the brain.
Dec. 4thMaleYesNoFound drowned.
„ 10th46 yearsMaleYesNoAccidental death.
„ 10th4 monthsMaleYesYesBronchial pneumonia and bronchitis.
„ 13th35 yearsFemaleYesYesSyncope and fatty degeneration of heart.
„ 20 th24 „MaleYesNoSuicide during temporary derangement.
„ 25thFemaleNoNoScarlet Fever.
„ 29 th44 yearsMaleYesYesConsumption.