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Hampstead 1925

Report for the year 1925 of the Medical Officer of Health

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Rats and Mice (Destruction) Act, 1919.
During the five years many complaints have been received, investigated
and helped. In every case where the complaint has been well
founded, old drains have been sought for, and poisons laid down;
while once a year more general tactics are adopted by way of laying
poisons in certain places, particularly the sewers. Generally, these
efforts have been successful.
New Public Health Station.
The provision of such a Station as this is one of the most pressing
needs of the Borough. Our present facilities are neither adequate nor
complete; they are separated into several positions of the Borough,
with a consequent difficulty of administration ; there has never been
a Coroner's Court in Hampstead.
The Public Health Committee have approved of a site in the yard
of the Electric Lighting Station, Lithos Road, and plans by the Architect
have been approved for a building to comprise the whole health
facilities of the Borough. The project is delayed at present on account
of some difficulty over the site, but it should mature in 1926.
Legal Proceedings.
Legal proceedings were taken on certain occasions in 1925 by the
Council, in connection with the work of the Public Health Department,
under the various Acts of Parliament and By-laws and Regulations
made thereunder which are administered by them. The fines and costs
imposed were as follows :—
Statute or By-law.
Public Health (London) Act, 1891, and
By-laws made thereunder 23 10 0 36 15 0
Metropolis Management Acts, and Bylaws
made thereunder 46 2 6 30 13 0
Sale of Food and Drugs Acts, etc. 33 0 0 50 16 0
Total 102 12 6 118 4 0
Public Mortuary, New End.
During the year, the bodies of 50 persons were brought to the
mortuary—37 by order of the Coroner, 12 by the Police, and 1
at the request of friends of deceased person. In 48 instances inquests