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Hampstead 1925

Report for the year 1925 of the Medical Officer of Health

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Public Conveniences.
During recent years there has been considerable additional to the
Public Conveniences of the Borough, notably the construction of a
large underground convenience at West End Green and a similar one at
Fortune Green. In ray opinion, however, there is still a lack in the
neighbourhood of Kilburn High Road and the Heath, this latter being
specially neoessary at week-ends and holiday times.
Dog Nuisance.
In 1925, as in previous years, efforts have been made to mitigate
the nuisance caused by dogs fouling the pavement. I am of opinion
that the nuisance has increased. There seems to be no practical way of
ascertaining the dog population of the district, but I am informed that
4660 dog licences are in force in this Borough. I should think this is
equal to about half the number of dogs that there are in Hampstead.
Though this does not necessarily mean that there are more dogs than there
were formerly, I think that the dividing of houses into several tenements
or maisonnettes, whereby the dog owners have not got a garden of their
own, renders it necessary that people who live in this kind of dwelling
should send them into the street, with a consequent fouling of the
pavements. It is a persistent nuisance here, and there seems to be no
effectual means of combating it. In this Borough, posters have been
issued and advertisements put in the papers asking for the co-operation
of dog owners in keeping the pavements clear. This seemed to have a
good effect for some time, but it soon wore off. The following is a copy
of the notice issued in 1925 :—
Dog Nuisance.
The fouling of the public footways by dogs is very offensive
to the general public.
Dog owners are asked to co-operate in keeping the pavement
clean by training their dogs to use the gutter or roadway.
All dogs are trained not to foul their Owners' living rooms.
They can easily be trained not to foul the footways.
Public Health Department, FRANK E. SCRASE,
Town Hall, f.r.c.s.(eng.), l.r.c.p.(lond.), d.p.h.(lonu.)j
Hampstead, N.W. 3. Medical Officer of Health.

Factories. The following is a list of the different classes of Factories in Hampstead:—

Butchers5Motor and other engineers27
Cabinetmakers and upholsterers3Opticians1
Coffee-roasters5Other trades15

Registered Workshops (including Domestic Workshops).

Workshops on the Eegister (s. 181) at the end of the year. (1)Number. (2)
Motor makers and repairers14
Upholsterers and cabinetmakers24
Watchmakers and jewellers14
Other trades134
Total number of workshops on Register378