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Fulham 1927

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1927

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Provision of Milk under the Maternity and Child
Welfare Act, 1918.
Milk is supplied free or at less than cost price to
expectant and nursing mothers, and to children under
3 years of age in necessitous cases, and during the year
under review grants were made in 177 cases.

Applications are considered by the Sub-Committee of the Maternity and Child Welfare Committee. Under this scheme the cost to the Council for the year was:—

£ s. d.
For dried milk113 15 10
For fresh milk9 13 0
Total£123 8 10

The comparative expenditure for the three preceding
years was as follows: in 1926, £121 6s.; in
1925, £80 10s. 3d. ; in 1924, £131 5s. 7d.
Milk is also sold at cost price in cases recommended
by the Health Visitors or by the staff of the Infant
Welfare Centres, and during 1927, under this part of
the scheme, 10,171 lbs. of dried milk were supplied at
a cost to the families of £957 18s. 3d., compared with
9,996 lbs. distributed in 1926 at a cost of £919 13s. 2d.
Home Nursing.
This is carried out by the Fulham District Nursing
Association, 56, Harwood Road, S.W. 6, the arrangements
being exactly similar to those detailed in my
Annual Report for 1926.

The number of visits made by the nurses under the Council's scheme was:—

The number of visits made by the nurses under the Council's scheme was:—
To persons under 5 years of age677
To persons of 5 years or more816

A fee of one shilling is paid by the Council for
each attendance on a case.