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Fulham 1927

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1927

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The average daily number in the wards during the
year was approximately 16.5, as compared with 12.5
during 1926, and 15.5 during 1925.
The Fulham Day Nursery, Eridge House, Fulham
Park Road.—This Institution was inaugurated at 56,
Harwood Road, in 1906, and was transferred to its
present abode in 1916.
It is intended for the care during the day of children
under five years of age whose mothers are compelled
to go out to work. It is also a training ground
for children's nurses, and certificates are granted after
examination at the end of a year's training by the
Day Nursery Committee, which is affiliated to the
National Society of Dav Nurseries, 117, Piccadilly,
W. 1.
Dr. Ruby Thomson is Medical Officer to the Nursery.
There has been an increase of 679 in the total
number of attendances in 1927 as compared with 1926,
largely due to the fact that the fees have been reduced.

The attendances during the year were as follows:—

Individual children attended:—
Under three years of age98
Over three years and under five15

The total attendances made by the above children were:—

Under three years:—
Whole day4756
Half day1122
Over three years:—
Whole days1404
Half days245
Whole days6160
Half days1367