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Camberwell 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell.

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Serial No.ArticleWhether Formal or InformalNature of Adulteration or IrregularityObservationsResult of proceedings or other action taken
197Glace PineappleInformalSlightly contaminated with carbon particlesSee Formal Sample No. 154
239Orange DrinkInformalDeficient in sugarComplaint sample: catering sale made to a member of a Bingo and Social Club. The provisions of the Soft Drinks Order, 1953, do not apply to such salesNo action.
257Whole Black PepperInformalContained excess extraneous matterMatter taken up with wholesalers and packers: steps taken to rectify matter.
267Avorio RiceInformalMisleading labelLetters sent to retailer and wholesaler and importers. Steps taken by importers with exporters and packers to delete dietary claims to which exception had been taken.
311BreadInformalContaminated with soiled dough and mineral oil.Complaint of contamination by rodent droppings not substantiated.No action.
330MilkInformalSlightly sour.Complaint of contamination not justified.No action.
338Malt VinegarFormal10% deficient in acetic acid.Reported to Public Health Committee and cautionary letter sent.
369Borax B.P.InformalEffloresced.Remainder of stock withdrawn from sale.
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