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Camberwell 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell.

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Serial No.ArticleWhether Formal or InformalNature of Adulteration or IrregularityObservationsResult of proceedings or other action taken
27Canned Cooking ButterInformalRancid and contained excess free fatty acidSee Formal Samples Nos. 49 and 50.
49Canned Cooking ButterFormalRancid and contained excess free fatty acidHaving regard to the fact that the butter complied with the statutory 16% limit for water content and was not adulterated, and taking into account the acidity, rancidity, and organoleptic character of the samples, it was considered that the criteria as regards palatability which might be held for table butter could not be applied unchanged to cooking butter, and, further, that this article of food could not be deemed to be unfit within the meaning of Section 8 of the Food and Drugs Act, 1955.No action.
50Canned Cooking ButterFormalRancid and contained excess free fatty acid
52Camphorated OilInformalContained 20% excess camphorSee Formal Sample No. 75
75Camphorated OilFormalContained 20% excess camphorReported to Public Health Committee and cautionary letter sent
133Lemon JuiceInformalDecomposed and fermentingRemaining stock surrendered and destroyed.
154Glace PineappleFormalSlightly contaminated with carbon particlesRemaining stocks in this country withdrawn and returned to country of origin.
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