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Camberwell 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell.

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Cremation Certificates
No.of cremations authorised during the year by the
Medical Referee or his Deputy 2,120
Water Certificates
No.of Water Certificates issued 99
No.of dwellings concerned 680
Drainage and Sewerage
No.of drainage applications received 221
Length of sewers reconstructed 4,674, ft.
No.of brick gullies replaced by pot gullies 97
No.of defective pot gullies renewed 3
No. of new pot gullies installed 3
Public Cleansing
Amount of house refuse collected 42,878 tons
Amount of trade refuse collected 1,140 tons

Examination of Water from the Council's Swimming Baths

Bacteriological examinationChemical examination
No.of SamplesNo. Satis.No. of SamplesNo. Satis.
Camberwell Front Swimming Bath5555
Camberwell Rear Swimming Bath11111111
Dulwich First Class Swimming Bath5555
Dulwich Second Class Swimming Bath12121212
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In addition, water from the Swimming Bath at Mary
Datchelor Girls School, Camberwell Grove, was chemically
and bacteriologically examined on four occasions. All the
samples were satisfactory.

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