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Camberwell 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell.

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Description of Area.Date of declaration.No. of dwelling houses.No. of persons displaced or to be displaced.Position at November 30th, 1937.
Sandgate Street (2 areas).17/6/36843Areas declared by this Council, but taken over by London County Council under Section 33 of the Housing Act, 1936.
Muscatel Place17/6/36425Order now operative—rehousing of tenants proceeding.
Victoria Road (2 areas).15/7/361539Order now operative—rehousing of tenants proceeding. Restrictions placed on No. 1 Area are the subject of an appeal to the Minister of Health.
Dalwood Street (6 areas).13/1/3739141Orders now operative—rehousing of tenants proceeding.
Neate Street10/3/3742226Area declared by this Council, but to be redeveloped by London County Council. Possible development for open space purposes.
Banstead Street14/7/37211Clearance Order made, but not yet confirmed.
Penry Place14/7/37635Clearance Order made, but not yet confirmed.

It will be observed that in respect of six areas in this list, viz., Garden Street,
Herring Street, Albany Road, Boathouse Walk, Sandgate Street and Neate Street,
the London County Council made use of the appropriate section of the Housing Act,
and notified this Council that they themselves intended to deal with each of these
areas as a clearance area or as part of a clearance area.
In the case of the Garden Street Scheme, this area was eventually included
in a London County Council larger area scheme, and building operations are at
the present time proceeding.
At Herring Street the Council has agreed to acquire from the London County
Council part of the cleared site for Maternity and Child Welfare purposes.
With regard to the Albany Road proposals, the London County Council's
offer to convey part of this site to the Council for open space purposes has been
accepted, and a similar offer in respect of the whole of the Boathouse Walk area
has also been accepted by the Council.