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Bermondsey 1915

Report on the sanitary condition of the Borough of Bermondsey for the year 1915

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parcel was in a similar condition. The whole amount seized comprised
825 barrels, 50 puncheons and 25 tierces of pork. An application
for an order for the destruction of the quantity seized was made
the following morning before Mr. Symons, the magistrate presiding
at the Tower Bridge Police Court, who visited the premises and
examined the pork. He made an Order for the destruction of the
whole parcel, and this has since been carried out.
"Representatives of the company attended before us and
explained that the bacon in its then condition would not have been
sold for human consumption. We have given instructions for
counsel to be briefed.
"We recommend—That a summons be applied for against
Messrs. Armour & Co., Ltd., of 46A, Holborn Viaduct."
On March 7th, 1916, the result of the case was reported as
follows to the Council:—
"We report that the summons against Armour & Co., Ltd.,
with respect to the seizure of 825 barrels 50 puncheons and 25 tierces
of pork at the company's premises, 10, Weston Street, was heard
before Mr. Chapman at the Tower Bridge Police Court on the 23rd
February. Mr. Bodkin appeared for the Council, and Mr. Muir for
the company. The company pleaded guilty. Messrs. Scott and
Ashdown and a Mr. J. Gray gave evidence on behalf of the Council,
and Mr. Kelly for the company. The magistrate took the view that
the company were to some extent the victims of circumstances
arising through the war, but were responsible for the negligence and
carelessness of their servants. The company were fined £20 and
£10 10s. costs. The pork was destroyed by being sold to a firm of
soapmakers for the purpose of their extracting the fat. The price
paid to the Council was £584 10s. 6d. for 103 tons, and the cost of
cartage, destruction and condemnation was £25 17s. 1d. The cost
of the prosecution was £14 11s. 0d., so that the total received by
the Council amounts to £614 10s. 6d., the total costs and expenses,
£40 8s. 1d., leaving a net balance in the Council's favour of
£574 2s. 5d."