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St Pancras 1919

Report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1919

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Meals for mothers and children are also supplied by the St. Pancras School
for Mothers, 1, Ampthill Square (see page 58), and good work is also done
for ailing mothers and children, amongst other sick persons, by the Invalid
Kitchen, Crowndale Road. These are not subsidized by the Borough Council.
Home for ailing children under school aye.—The Mayoress of St. Pancras
Home for Sick Poor Children, Avalon, 1, St. Albans Road, N.W.5, which
was founded in 1918 by the Mayoress' Nursing Fund for Sick Poor Children,
continued its work during 1919. It receives a grant of £500 per annum from
the Borough Council. The house is well appointed for the reception of 18
children, and has good grounds. It is used for the reception of cases who are
ailing and needing observation or better treatment than can be given them in
their own homes, and are not of the kind which are admitted to ordinary
hospitals. The work has been recognised by the Ministry of Health by the
award of a 50 per cent. grant in respect of maintenance expenditure.

During 1919 there were 82 admissions, and the ages were as follows:—

0 to 123 to 419
1 to 2154 to 515
2 to 3185 and over13

The Home was open on 308 days during the year, and the average stay of
each child was 30.82 days.

Midwifery Work.

The notifications of births in St. Pancras arc classified below (in wards and registration sub-districts) according to the manner in which the mothers were attended in their confinements:—

Attended in their own homes by—
Private Doctors13710710521893325099877
Private Mid wives172151147884267255859
Doctors from the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital1952243172423135
Medical Students from—
University College Hospital89237711182138510679
„ Middlesex Hospital1933153
Royal Free Hospital22493662
„ St. Bartholomew's Hospital55
Midwives from—
University College Hospital317411031019431372
,, Maternity Nursing Association, Myddleton Square611163
„ Maternity Nursing Association, Oakley Square Branch2654145654397223
Attended in Institutions-
University College Hospital172172
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital4343
Royal Free Hospital (Marlborough Maternity Section)361361
Homes of Hope, Regent's Square
Lying-in Ward of Workhouse1401141
Royal Free Hospital88