London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1919

Report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1919

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Centre.Attendances.Visits by Trained Visitors.Infant Consultations.Expectant Mothers Consultations.Visitors.
Expectant Mothers.Children.Expectant Mothers.Children.
New cases.Total attendances.New cases.Total attendances.First visits.Total visits.First visits.Total Visits.Per week.Total.Per month.Total.Whole Time.Part Time.
Under 1 yearOver 1 year.Total.Under 1 year.Over 1 year.Total.
Borough Health Visitors20541714743523
St. Pancras School for Mothers:—
Ampthill Square150330300503504719332926609507331374463
Chalton Street45130132161481896170206639876240012941471
North St. Pancras School for Mothers:—
Rhyl Street9119726323286287183437055023416925202972243
Grafton Road12918147122825714852201341149
South Highgate Mothers' and Infants Welfare Centre84845287359035394310911268481491
Passmore Edwards Settlement School for Mothers12745432868924561348*5913323248721001
Camden Town Mothers' and Infants' Welfare Centre531262153825322171232344966320290153928821511
Argyle Square and Falkland Road Centres:—
Argyle Square56151117†5†1221419†151†15701274901614508021†50‡2233
Falkland Road37133219†17†2362690†235†2925150224
Maternity Nursing Association150169825925917171873213669151521121
University College Hospital32018416077031414515793
Royal Free Hospital142456413441907approx. 197137698approx. 129approx. 144714681041

*Not including 110 attendances of mothers without their infants. The total
attendances from all boroughs was 2379.
†Dnder and over 18 months.
‡Not including 12 monthly consultations for children from 18 months to 5 years.
(1) Including 178 by an unpaid trained worker.
(2) „ 1530 „
(3) Figures in italics represent all boroughs