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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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In addition to the above, 24 boats were at the time of visit found with the cabin
doors locked, there being no person on board. Inspection was therefore impossible,
therefore these visits are not included in the number of boats inspected.
The total number of boats inspected shows a decrease on the previous year, this
being accounted for by the suspension of labour in the Docks during the months of May
and June, during which period there was little movement of vessels in the Port.
(3) With reference to the various infringements of the Act: —
(a) Unregistered Boats.
The following boats were found, on inspection, to be unregistered within the
meaning of the Act,:—

The following boats were found, on inspection, to be unregistered within the meaning of the Act.:-

Date.Name of Boat.Registration Authority.Reason for Registration or Re-registration.
1912. March 21"Editha "Port of LondonStructural alteration.
May 15*"Glendower"DittoNew Boat.
June 3*"Mary Ann"DittoDitto.
July 1"Rose Mary"TowcesterDitto.
Nov. 5"Sandford"-Ditto.
Dec. 4"James"-Ditto.
„ 23"Aldershot"Port of LondonDitto.

Those marked * have been registered with this Authority. The "Editha" awaits
re-measurement, and has not since been seen in the Port. The "Sandford" and
"James" being owned at Brentford, will probably be registered with the Registration
Authority there.
The "Aldershot" has not yet received the formal sanction of the Registration
Authority of the Port of London.
(b) Notification of Change of Master.
(c) Certificates.

Absence of certificate was found in the following cases, a complaint being sent to the owners. In the case of the boats marked * information was received that the Certificates were subsequently placed on board :—

Jan. 14*"Weaver"registered Uxbridge, No. 226.
„ 17* " Rhodes ",, Port of London, No. 320.
March 4* "Perseverance "„ Ware, No. 51.
„ 19* "The Solar"„ Uxbridge, No. 444.
„ 26"Britannia "„ Port of London, No. 408.
„ 27* "Perseverance "„ Ware, No. 51.
„ 28" Dauntless "„ Berkhamsted, No. 443.
May 22* " Eric "„ Brierley Hill, No. 231.
„ 28"Four Sisters "„ „ No. 264.
„ 28"Catherine "„ „ „ No. 232.
* Remedied.