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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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Middle District.
Limehouse to Erith.
Inspector Burr 208l. per annum.
Lower District.
Erith to seaward limits of the Port of London
(including part of River Medway).
Inspector Shepherd 143l. per annum.
The Docks are divided into four districts, known as the Central, Eastern, Western
and the Gravesend district.
It has been found advisable to sub-divide these districts, and instead of one
Inspector to each, two have been appointed to the Western, and two to the Eastern
district, as follows :—
Central District.
West India Dock.
South West India Dock.
Poplar Dock.
Millwall Dock.
Inspector Lam be 195l. per annum.
Eastern District.
Royal Victoria Dock.
East India Dock.
Inspector Garland 208l. per annum.
Royal Albert Dock.
Inspector Wetjen 208l. per annum.
Western District.
London Dock.
St. Katherine's Dock.
Regent's Dock.
Inspector Hopkins 208l. per annum.
Surrey Commercial Dock.
Inspector El ward 169l. per annum.
Gravesend District.
Tilbury Dock.
Left Shore, from Purfleet down.
Right Shore, from Erith down.
Inspector Rolfe 195l. per annum.
(2) The total number of inspections for the year was 817, representing a net
number of 323 boats. The remainder, 494, represents repeated visits by Inspectors of
this Authority.
The number of the boats found not conforming to the Acts and Regulations was
125, or 15.29 per cent, of the total, the percentage for the previous five years being
7.33 per cent.

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