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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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Date.Name of Vessel, Port of Registry and Official Number.Where from.No. of Cases.How dealt with.
July 8s.s. "Highland Corrie,"of London, 129,117.Buenos Ayres1Patient proceeded to home.
„ 11s.s. "Ascania," of Liverpool, 131,342Montreal1Isolated on board the vessel.
„ 20s.s. "Wiltshire," of 132,675.Brisbane1Died and body buried at sea.
„ 23s.s. "Grantully Castle," of London, 129,058.Cape Town13Removed to Hospital at Southampton.
Aug. 10s.s. "German,"of Southampton, 109,290.Ditto2Ditto
„ 28s.s. "Galician," of Southampton, 113,834.East London1Patient proceeded to home.
„ 25s.s. "Highland Glen," of London, 120,139.Buenos Ayres1Ditto
Sept. 1s.s. "Bellerophon," of Liverpool, 120,915.Vancouver1Landed at Hong Kong.
„ 3s.s. "Commonwealth," of London, 115,903.Sydney1Landed in London.
„ 16s.s, "Belgic," of Liverpool, 131,383Ditto1Ditto
„ 22s.s. "Mongolia," of Greenock, 117,383Ditto1Died and body buried at sea.
„ 22s.s. "Highland Loch," of London, 129,182.Buenos Ayres1Landed at Gravesend.
„ 24s.s. ''Simla," of Greenock, 102,393Yokohama1Patient remained on board the vessel.
„ 26s.s. "City of Glasgow," of Glasgow, 121,304.Calcutta1Removed to Hospital at Suez.
„ 26s.s. "Cyclops," of Liverpool, 123,978Vancouver1Patient isolated on board the vessel.
October 8"Siam," of GrimstadGaleta Buena1Patient isolated on board the vessel.
„ 17s.s. "Inanda,"of Aberdeen, 118,187Durban1Patient proceeded to home.
„ 18s.s. "Grantully Castle," of London, 129,058.Cape Town1Removed to Hospital at Southampton.
„ 19s.s. "Malwa," of Greenock, 127,543 -Sydney1Removed to Hospital at Colombo.
„ 21s.s. "Goorkha," of Southampton, 106,917.Durban1Removed to Hospital at Marseilles.
„ 22s.s. "Demosthenes," of Aberdeen, 129,362.Brisbane1Patient isolated on board the vessel.
„ 28s.s. "Orestes," of Glasgow, 115,707 -Ditto1Removed to Hospital at Tilbury.
Nov. 2s.s. 'Athenic," of Liverpool, 115,239-Wellington -1One died and body buried at sea, one left vessel in London.
„ 4s.s. "Clan Buchanan," of Glasgow, 124,232.Chittagong1Removed to Hospital at Malta.
„ 6s.s. "Borneo," of Newcastle, 104,287 -Calcutta1Patient left vessel in London.
„ 8s.s. "Dunluce Castle," of London, 118,490.Cape Town1Removed to Hospital at Southampton.
„ 25s.s. "Montfort," of Liverpool, 110,568Montreal1Patient left vessel in London.
„ 26s.s. "Medic," of Liverpool, 110,573 -Sydney1Patient remained on board the vessel.
30s.s. "Morea," of Glasgow, 128,235DittoNone. Left vessel at Tilbury.
Dec. 9s.s. "Arabia," of Greenock, 105,587Bombay1Plymouth.
11s.s. "Umvolosi," of London, 115,857Natal1None. Left vessel at Tilbury.
18s.s. "Aeneas," of Liverpool, 131,305Brisbane1Ditto
20s.s. "Gloucester Castle," of London, 132,592.Durban1Southampton.
23s.s. "Moravian," of Aberdeen, 108,662Brisbane1Durban.
24s.s. "Galeka," of London, 110,265East LondonNone. Left vessel in London.
28s.s. "Begonia," of North Shields, 109,908.Busreh1Marseilles.