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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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J. A., the chief baker on a steamer carrying a number of passengers, was working
on board the ship from April 29th, 1912, until November 2nd, 1912, when he was found
to be suffering from Pulmonary Tuberculosis and was put off duty. Further comment
on this case is needless—the objection, if not the danger, must be realised by everyone.
Table XX. gives a list of the cases, from which it will be seen that they arrive
from all parts of the world. In every case the quarters on the vessel occupied by the
person infected were subsequently disinfected by your officers.


(Pulmonary Tuberculosis.)

Date.Name of Vessel, Port of Registry and Official Number.Where from.No. of Cases.How dealt with.
Jan. 9s.s. "Karamea,"of Southampton, 110,264.Adelaide1Patient proceeded to his home.
„ 12s.s. "Malta,"of Greenock, 102,398Antwerp1Removed to Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
„ 18s.s. "Namur,"of Greenock, 123,528 -Yokohama1Died, and body buried at Penang.
„ 19s.s. "Bellerophon,"of Liverpool, 120,915Tacoma1Died, and body buried at sea.
„ 25s.s. "Ping Suey,"of Liverpool, 110,143Yokohama1Ditto.
„ 31s.s. "Palawan,"of Greenock, 102,400Ditto1Ditto.
Feb. 1s.s. "Amatonga,"of North Shields, 115,957.Busreh1Removed to Hospital at Perim.
„ 12s.s. "Cyclops,"of Liverpool, 123,998Vancouver1Died, and body buried at Hong Kong.
„ 26s.s. "Malwa,"of Greenock, 127,543 -Sydney1Died, and body buried at sea.
March 10s.s. "Antilochus,"of Liverpool, 123,984Victoria, B.C.1Removed to Hospital at Hong Kong.
„ 20s.s. "Sunda,"of Greenock, 102,399Calcutta1Returned to Bombay in vessel.
April 1s.s. "Dover Castle,"of London, 118,409Cape TownRemoved to Hospital at Southampton.
„ 10s.s. "Anna Dorette Boog,"of Rostock -Bougie1Removed to Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
„ 12s.s. "Persic,"of Liverpool, 110,620 -Sydney1 Died,and body buried at sea.
„ 13s.s. "Orvieto,"of Belfast, 129,628Ditto1Allowed to leave vessel in London.
„ 16s.s. "Miltiades,"of Aberdeen, 118,179Ditto1Ditto.
„ 23s.s. "Geelong,"of London, 118,426Ditto1Isolated on board the vessel.
May 5s.s. "Highland Loch,"of London, 129,182.Buenos Ayres1Removed to Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
„ 5s.s. "Galeka,"of Southampton, 110,265East London -1Removed to Hospital at Southampton.
„ 17s.s. "Demosthenes,"of Aberdeen, 129,362.Brisbane1Died, and body buried at sea.
June 1s.s. "Corinthian,"of Glasgow, 111,257Montreal1Patient proceeded to his home in Greece.
June 13s.s. "Lake Erie,"of Liverpool, 110,631Ditto1Removed to Hospital at Brixham.
„ 21s.s. "Inanda,"of Aberdeen, 118,187Natal1Removed to Hospital at Las Palmas.
„ 28s.s. "Garth Castle,"of London, 129,171Cape Town1Removed to Hospital at Southampton.
„ 30s.s. "China,"of Belfast, 104,467Sydney1Removed to Hospital at Aden.
July 3s.s. "Sardinia,"of Belfast, 115,696 -Calcutta1Removed to Branch Seamen's Hospital.