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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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The vessel has been inspected regularly, is well found and managed; when full, 230
boys can be accommodated and six of resident staff.
There are three training ships moored at Greenhithe near the right bank of the river,
and at no great distance from each other, in the following order proceeding down the
"Warspite,""Arethusa"and "Worcester."

Boys join every fortnight and new boys are kept in a Mess by themselves for 14 days. The number of boys on the ship on the last day of each month was as follows :—


This shows an average of 218 boys on board, and only in the month of May was the
full accommodation of 230 occupied.

The following table indicates the number of cases notified in each year since 1900. It will be seen that sporadic cases occurred after the removal to Greenhithe, but that with the exception of the year 1908, when 10 cases were notified, there was no outbreak until 1912.

Year.Number of cases.Year.Number of cases

The decks on the training ship "Warspite"are four in number, as follows:—
1. Upper deck.
This deck is used for drill and recreation. Right forward are situated the
boys' water closets.
2. Main deck.
Used for messing. The Officers' water closets are situated on this deck.
3. Lower deck.
Used for instructional purposes by day, and at night for sleeping quarters.
4. Orlop deck and hold.
Lavatory, Schoolroom and Gymnasium.
The bovs on the "Warspite"are grouped in "messes,"with an average of about 14
boys in each "mess."
They sleep in hammocks, which are numbered from the fore part of the ship, the
even numbers being on the port side, and the odd numbers on the starboard side.