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Port of London 1912

Report for the year ended 31st December 1912 of the Medical Officer of Health for the Port of London

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Of this disease 37 cases were reported, principally from the Training Ship
"Warspite,"lying off Greenhithe.

TABLE XV. (Diphtheria.)

Date.Name ofVessel, Port of Registry, and Official Number.Where from.No. of Cases.How dealt with.
1912. Jan. 6Pier Head Cottages, Millwall Dock2Removed to Brook Hospital.
„ Feb. 1Training Ship, "Warspite,"lying offGreenhithe1Removed to Ship's Hospital on shore.
„ 26s.s. "Malwa,"of Greenock, 127,543 -Sydney -2Removed to Hospital at Fremantle.
March 1Training Ship "Warspite,"lying offGreenhithe1Removed to Ship's Hospital on shore.
„ 4Ditto "Arethusa,"DittoDitto1Ditto.
„ 6Ditto "Warspite,'' DittoDitto1Ditto.
„ 20DittoDitto1Ditto.
„ 20s.s. "Nyanza,"of Greenock, 123,529 -Yokohama1Removed to Hospital at Singapore.
„ 29Training Ship "Warspite,"lying offGreenhithe1Removed to Ship's Hospital on shore.
April 18DittoDitto1Ditto. t
„ 25DittoDitto1Ditto.
May 18DittoDitto1Ditto.
„ 19s.s. "Rangatira,"of Southampton, 124,523.Port Chalmers1Isolated on board the vessel.
„ 29Training Ship "Warspite,"lying offGreenhithe1Removed to Ship's Hospital on shore.
June 7DittoDitto1Ditto.
„ 18DittoDitto1Ditto.
„ 20DittoDitto1Ditto.
„ 28DittoDitto7Ditto.
to Sept. 9 Sept. 23 to Oct. 25DittoDittoDitto.
Oct. 26Training Ship "Arethusa,"lying, offDitto1Ditto.
„ 30DittoDitto1Ditto.
„ 28Training Ship "Warspite, lying offDitto1Ditto.
Nov. 8DittoDitto1Ditto.
Dec. 6DittoDitto1Ditto.
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During the year, several cases of Diphtheria occurred on the Training Ship
"Warspite"at irregular intervals, twenty-seven cases having been notified between
28th January and 1st December.
This vessel was moored at Charlton until 1901, when on account of repeated outbreaks
of Diphtheria on board, it was considered desirable to remove her to Greenhithe.

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