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City of London 1909

Annual report of Medical Officer of Health for 1909

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This Bill, which had been looked forward to with great interest on the part
of sanitary authorities, dairy farmers and others throughout the country, was
introduced in the Commons by the President of the Local Government Board
on the 25th May, 1909. It was not to apply to Scotland, and in its application
to Ireland it was subject to certain modifications.
Your Medical Officer reported at length to the Sanitary Committee on the
17th June, 1909, on the details of the Bill, and owing to considerations of
space the main provisions of the same can only be referred to here.
The Bill reached a second reading and was referred to a Select Committee,
but owing to pressure of business in the House was not proceeded with.
The Bill was prefaced by a memorandum, which stated that the main objects
of the Bill were to provide for—
1. The more effective registration of dairies and dairymen.
2. The inspection of dairies and the examination of cows therein.
3. The prohibition of the supply of milk from a dairy where such a
supply has caused, or would be likely to cause, infectious disease,
including tuberculosis.
4. The prevention of sale of tuberculous milk.
5. The regulation of the importation of milk so as to prevent danger
to public health arising therefrom.
6. The issue of regulations.
7. The establishment by local authorities in populous places of milk
dep6ts for the sale of milk specially prepared for infants.
The provisions as to registration supersede the provisions as to the registration
of dairies contained in the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Acts and the
Orders made thereunder.
The provisions as to the inspection of dairies and the prohibition of the
supply of milk reproduce, with amendment, Section 4 of the Infectious Diseases
Prevention Act, 1890, Section 71 of the Public Health (London) Act, 1891,
and the model milk clauses incorporated in many local Acts.
The clauses as to the prevention of the sale of tuberculous milk is also
taken from the model milk clauses, but the scope of the enactment is somewhat
extended. The memorandum further stated that the Board of
Agriculture and Fisheries would, in connection with this Bill, issue an Order
under the Diseases of Animals Act, 1894, dealing with the notification of

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