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Marylebone 1894

The sanitary chronicles of the Parish of St. Marylebone being the annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1894

Blyth, Alexander Wynter.

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    Calculated in the same way, the birth and death-rates for 1894 of the sub-districts were as follows :—
    All Soulsbirth-rate 19.8;death-rate 14.9
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    The following table gives the distribution of the deaths of parishioners dying in various extra-parochial institutions, all of which are included in the mortality statistics:—
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    The number of workshops and workplaces in 1894 were as follows :—
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    Nevertheless the account is not unsatisfactory :—
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    With regard to outworkers who reside in the parish but who work in other districts, they are as follows :—
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    The clerical work during 1894 may be summarised as follows:—
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    TABLE I.—Giving the death.rate per thousand of population, of the five Registration Districts, from certain classes of disease, 1894.
    The whole DistrictAll Souls*RectorySt. MaryChrist ChurchSt. John
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    TABLE II.— Rate of Mortality per cent, of diseases notified in each of the five Registration Districts, 1894.
    The whole DistrictAll SoulsRectorySt. MaryChrist ChurchSt. John
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    TABLE III.—District Births and Deaths for the fifty.two weeks ending DECEMBER 22nd, 1894.
    Population in 1881.Population iu 1891.Births.Deaths.
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    TABLE IV.—Vaccinations during 1894.
    Deaths under one year.Primary Vaccinations.ReVaccinations by Public Vaccinator.
    Public Vaccinator.Private Practitioners.Total.
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    TABLE V.—(living the Causes of Deaths during the 52 Weeks ending Deo. 31st, 1894, at the Middlesex Hospital, Queen Charlotte's, Samaritan Hospital, the Workhouse, and the Marylebone Infirmary, Notting Hill, W.
    Middlesex Hospital.Queen Charlotte's Hospital.Samaritan Hospital.WorkhouseNotting Hill Infirmary.
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    TABLE VI.— TABLE OF POPULATION, BIETHS, AND OF NEW CASES 01 INFECTIOUS SICKNESS, coming to the knowledge of the Medical Officer o Health, in the Sanitary District of ST. MARYLEBONE, during the 5S weeks ending December 314(, 1894; classified according to Diseases, Ages, and Localities.
    (a)All SoulsRectorySt. MaryChrist ChurchSt. JohnTotals
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    TABLE VII.— TABLE OF DEATHS in the Sanitary District of ST. MABYLEBONT during the 52 weeks ending December 22nd, 1894, classified according U Diseases, Ages, and Localities.
    (a)All SoulsRectorySt. MaryChrist ChurchSt. JohnTotalsThe subjoined numbers have been taken into account in judging of the records of mortality.
    Deaths occurring outside the district among persons belonging thereto.Deaths occurring within the district nmong persons not belonging thereto.
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    TABLE VIII.—Sale of Food and Drugs Act .—Samples analysed during the Year 1894.
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    Number of bodies received from January 1st, 1894, to December 31st, 1894.
    Carried forward238
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    Number of Inquests from January 1st, 1894, to December 31st, 1894.
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    Number of Infectious cases received from January 1st, 1894, to December 31st, 1894.
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    Mr W. Yeo, No. 1 District.Mr. A. Perry, No. 2 District.Mr. T. Gorniot, No. 3 District.Mr. D. J. Andrews, No. 4 DistrictMr. R. Phillips, No. 5 District.Mr. C. J. Kilgallin, Special Duties.Total.
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    List of Sewers Underpinned with New Bottoms during 1894.