London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Islington 1896

Forty-first annual report on the health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Islington

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Cases of Small Fox notified—continued.

No. of Case in Register and date of CertificateSex.AgeName.Address.State of VaccinationRemarks, Probable origin of Case.
on July 4th, because she had a number of spots on her face and arms. At the time she had a suspicion it was small pox. She remained at home, and during the period of her convalescence. seems to have made at least one dress. When the next case (268) was notified, the was finishing a dress in the very room in which the patient was lying. Case discovered by M.O.H.
July 27 (268)M28G. W. O—56, Pooles-parkVaccinatedContracted disease from cases 266 and 267
Aug. 8 (269)F30E—P—6, Arthur-roadVaccinatedThe husband of case 255 was a porter at Ladbury's, where this woman was employed
Aug. 11 (270)F26Mrs. P—106, Bingfield-st.VaccinatedOrigin unknown
Aug. 25 (271)F23E—W—33, WitheringtonroadVaccinatedPatient visited 20, Aberdeen Road, where 3 cases of Small Pox had occurred.
Aug. 26 (272)F15E—E—45, Aubert-parkVaccinatedPatient employed as servant at 20, Aberdeen Road, where 3 cases of Small Pox had occurred
Aug. 27 (273)F20K—F—20, Aberdeen-roadVaccinatedPatient was supposed to have been suffering from Chicken Pox
Aug. 27 (274)F25M—F—20, Aberdeen-roadVaccinatedSee case No. 273
Aug. 27 (276)F22W—F—20, Aberdeen-roadVaccinatedSee case No. 273
Sept. 26 (276)F15A—K—33, Hornsey-streetVaccinatedOrigin unknown