London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Islington 1896

Forty-first annual report on the health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Islington

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Cases of Small Pox notified—continued.

No. of Case in Register and date of CertificateSex.Age.Name.Address.State of Vaccination.Remarks. Probable origin of Case.
July 7 (269)F2A—F—136, Fairbridge-rd.Unvaccinated.This patient contracted the disease from case 241 alongside of whom her mother sat in the Great Northern Hospital, outdoor department. She (the mother) was attacked with the disease in a very modified form, and did not think it was anything infectious, and had no medical attendant
July 7 (260)M3H—F—136, Fairbridge-rd.Unvaccinated.From case No. 259
July 7 (261)F18L—H—41, Pooles-parkVaccinated
July 8 (262)F25S—M—37, Hornsey-riseVaccinatedOriginunknown. Mrs. M— was taken ill on the 10th May, there were only 2 pustules on her face
July 8 (263)M27A—M—37, Hornsey-riseVaccinatedFrom case 262. While the patient was ill, Inspector Ward saw him standing at the door with matter oozing from the pustules on his face
July 8 (264)M15E—M—39, Hornsey-riseVaccinatedFrom cases 262 & 263
July 20 (265)F25E—O—Walden House Stables, Dalmeny roadVaccinatedOrigin unknown
July 25 (266)M4W. T. O—56, Pooles-parkUnvaccinated.Contracted disease from case No. 267
July 27 (267)F26Mrs. O—56, Pooles-parkVaccinatedThis patient accompanied a woman living next door to see Dr. X—. The latter was then suffering from small pox. On July 1st Mrs. 0—was taken ill, and consulted Dr. Z—