London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Islington 1896

Forty-first annual report on the health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Islington

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Cases of Small Pox notified—continued.

No. of Case in Register and date of CertificateSex.Age.Name.Address.State of Vaccination.Remarks. Probable origin of Case.
May 13 (239)M15A—, W—11, Queensland-rd.Un vaccinated.Patient was a hawker of bootlaces. Origin unknown
May 15 (240)F27B—, L—85, Campbell-roadVaccinatedOrigin unknown
June 3 (241)M15H—, C—27, Campbell-roadUnvaccinated.Origin uncertain, but probably from case 240
June 3 (242)1113H—, G—27, Campbell-roadUn vaccinated.Origin uncertain, but probably from case 241
June 15 (243)F27B—, E—27, Campbell-roadVaccinatedContracted from cases 241 and 242
June 15 (244)M8D—,J—27, Campbell-roadUnvaccinated.Contracted from eases 241 & 242. Patient died 24/6/96
June 16 (245)FH—, C—28, Campbell-roadUnvaccinatedOrigin uncertain, but probably from cases 241 and 242
June 16 (246)F37C—, E—1, Marcellus-roadVaccinatedCalled in Doctor on 12/6/96, several spots on body, 2nd Doctor called in on 15/6/96, patient was in the habit of attending Hornsey Road Baths, to which the washing of the neighbourhood is taken to be washed. It was stated, but not pioved,that clothes from Campbell Rd. had been washed there
June 17 (247)F40E—, E—23, Thorpedale-rd.Vaccinated 35 years agoOrigin unknown
June 17 (248)F17F,—, E—6, Vorley-roadUnvaccinatedOrigin unknown
June 18 (249)F13T—, L—27, Campbell-roadUn vaccinatedContracted from cases 241 and 242
June 18 (250)MG—, G—29, Campbell-roadUnvaccinated.Origin uncertain, but apparently from cases 241 & 242 who lived in next house