London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Islington 1896

Forty-first annual report on the health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Islington

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The following Table shows the sex, age, state as to vaccination and
the address of the several persons who were notified as suffering from
the disease.

Cases of Small Pox notified during the Year 1896.

No. of Case in Register and date of CertificateSex.Age.Name.Address.State as to Vaccination.Remarks. Probable orgin of Case.
Jan. 7 (227)F6E—, C—4, St. Paul's-roadUnvaccinated.Patient went to Highgate on 25th Dec., 1895
Jan. 20 (228)F36E—, C—4, St. Paul's-roadUnknown.Caught disease from case No. 227
Feb. 17 (229)F3 wks.C—,:-—Small Pox and Vaccination Hospital..This child was born in Highgate Hospital, the mother being a patient removel from another district for treatment
Feb. 18 (230)M7J—, C—69, Yerbury-roadVaccinatedOrigin unknown
Feb. 19 (231)M22S—, E—500, Hornsey-roadVaccinated ReVaccinatedOrigin unknown
Mar. 3 (232)M15 mthsC—, A—69, Yerbury-roadVaccinatedBrother removed on the 18th Feb. 1896. (Case 230)
Mar. 3 (233)F9C—, D—69, Yerbury-roadVaccinatedSee case 232
Mar. 4 (234)F23J—, A—69, Yerbury-roadVaccinatedThree other cases taken away from this address. (Cases 230-2-3)
Mar. 6 (235)24W—, A—46, Blackstock-rd.VaccinatedOrigin unknown
Mar.6 (236)FW—, C—46, Blackstock-rd.VaccinatedOrigin unknown
Mar. 7 (237)M20T—, H—Small Pox Hospital..Origin unknown
Mar. 11 (238)M27D—, A—1, Alma-terraceUnvaccinated.Supposed to have been caught from removing infected clothing from 69, Yerbury-road